Straturday - Cards Against Humanity - 30 January 2016



#Is it Straturday yet?
Not yet, but it’s coming soon; this week we’ll be playing Cards Against Humanity. The game is simple: someone draws a black card with a phrase of some sort and a black space; everyone else plays a white card from their hand to fill in the blank. The player who drew the black card decides which answer is the best and awards that player the black card, which is used to track score. It’s basically Apples to Apples for adults :wink: Here’s what you need to know for next Straturday:

  • What: Cards Against Humanity via this clone
  • When: 30 January at 9pm EST / 31 January at 2am UTC
  • Where: PC, using Mumble and/or Google Hangouts for voice/video chat

As the weeks go on we’ll play around with the time to try to make it more accessible to a larger swatch of Strategists, but it’s tricky to schedule something when we’ve got folks literally all over the world (it’s a good problem to have ;)). Based on feedback, the subsequent Straturday (6 February) will potentially see a time adjustment, but we’re going to leave this one as is.



Pretty simple one to start off with, but sounds good.


I’m so ready.


That’s 6 on the west coast right? I’ll hopefully be able to make it.


is this all I need to play?

Edit: ah, via this clone, missed that part


I’m excited for this, but may I ask why Google Hangouts instead of, say, Twitch or Youtube Gaming?


It’s more for getting groups together. This may or may not be streamed, but with something like Google Hangouts you can get a lot of folks in a single webcam chat while playing. In the past, we’ve streamed a group in a Google Hangout so you get the full effect of the entire group laughing their asses off rather than just a single person.


What do I do to hop in the stream? :sunglasses:


Hype Bump :wink:


shit i just noticed this, i would love to play, and laugh my ass off


Either I missed it, or…


yea I’m not sure what happened


yall wanna just try for next week? im game around 8-9 est, dont wanna be up past 12 tho XD


We demand answers @Auth!! :muscle::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: -violent fist shaking-


For those not at the Strats Weekly last week, I’d said I wouldn’t be around last night on account of a good friend’s wedding. @tommy2118 volunteered to take charge and hung out in Mumble for a good while, but only @Dynamible showed up. After waiting a reasonable amount of time, the two of them went on to do other things since you can’t even play Cards Against Humanity with 2 people. Straturday posts will continue to go up well in advance (there will be one for this week’s Straturday later today) so if it’s something you’re interested in participating in, show up for it (preferably on time ;)). We’ll be doing something different this week, but Cards Against Humanity will come back up again in the future.


Sorry I wasn’t able to make it. Hopefully next week is better.