Straturday - Guns of Icarus Online - 6 February 2016



#Is it Straturday yet?
It’s less than 7 days away! This post should have been up yesterday, but there were Diablo 3 and homework things happening (possibly in that order) that sidetracked me. For those not familiar with this title, you’re effectively part of a steampunk airship’s crew seeking to rule the skies! Several ships team up against one another in a variety of scenarios; lead by a captain and outfitted for the fight to come, each ship and team must devise a winning strategy of maneuvers, ship types, and load-outs to best the opposition. This game holds a special place in the hearts of many of the original Strategists as it was the first title we held a community event in during the lapse between open beta and live for Wildstar (some members of the Guns of Icarus dev team even rolled out to kick our asses ;)). Here’s what you’ll need to battle for air supremacy this coming Straturday:



Copy given to a strats member


heck yea, I’ve never actually played with people I know before…


I’ve been waiting for an excuse to buy this game and,


I’m in. It is downloading as we speak.


For those picking this game up or who’ve never played, I strongly recommend you do the tutorial to familiarize yourself with the gameplay before Straturday. It’s not overly-complicated, but it could be a bit overwhelming if you’re trying to learn in the heat of Strategic battle :wink:


just curious, I used to be a pretty good pilot but I’m sure there are better, is there going to be some rotation of positions? I just want a crack at it once or twice :smile:


I figure we’ll do an initial split into crews and mix it up periodically as the evening goes on both inter- and intra-ship :wink:


I downloaded it today so i will be there!


Will wait until a free game comes for Straturday.


Nature found a way… or :strats_green: did.

@Auth have you tested this with the Steam controller yet?


I haven’t, but my pride is on the line, so I’m not going to mess with setting it up for Straturday. That said, there are few enough keybinds that it should work really well :wink:

Don’t worry, we’ll be rocking some more free to play titles in the future :wink:


Well this stinks. It’s both my birthday that day and I work all day :cry:


Count me in, installed today.


Sounds like fun. I’ve had 2 gift copies of this game for ages now, If anyone here wants one I got you.


Oo0o0o0ohhhh, if you dont mind i could use one =)


sure, add me on steam


if anyone doesnt mind a slight beginner on the crew (pretty decent shooter, wanna learn repair more) im game to join up with yall!


Done, thanks man.