Straturday - Minecraft - 5 March 2016



#Is it Straturday yet?
While I do love me some triple-A graphics, sometimes it’s nice to revisit some quality pixel-based games. Minecraft is nothing short of an international sensation and available on very-nearly every gaming platform out there, from PC to console and even mobile. Whether you’re playing vanilla Minecraft and seeking the Ender Dragon’s egg or you’ve loaded up 100 mods and you’re trying really hard not to blow up your entire server with a red matter bomb, this game has proven to appeal to all manner of player, regardless of gender, age, or playstyle.

This week is another throwback for folks that have been around for a while. I’ll be hosting a special event this week on our PC Minecraft server that will pit our two favorite teams (The Emerald Evisceraters and The Diamond Devestators) in epic battle on a fan-favorite minigame map: :fire: Lava Wall :fire:

Those who feel like crafting some mines in spirit with their fellow Strategists are encouraged to get together on other systems, but we’ll only be hosting :fire: Lava Wall :fire: on PC. Here’s what you need to know in order to enjoy your fiery death this Straturday:

Please don’t wait until the last minute to check out the details on the server and get whitelisted; I don’t want to be trying to catch people while changing server maps and settings the evening of :wink:

If you’re curious what :fire: Lava Wall :fire: is all about, check out this thread.

Hello from Skantzo


I have this on XB1 if anyone wants to play. DISCLAIMER I am terrible at minecraft, still figuring out the controls XD I’m PST so it will be at 6pm,


Reminder bump; today is the day!

I’ve got a video that’s having to upload via wifi to YouTube to show everyone the ins and outs of the map, so it’s going to be tomorrow morning sometime before it’s up, processed, and ready for viewing. I’ll drop it in the Minecraft Minigame: Lava Wall thread when I roll out of bed :wink: