Straturday - Rocket League - 13 February 2016



#Is it Straturday yet?
After a hard-fought series of battles in the open skies, I think it’s time to take the action and pack it into a dome :wink: For those living under a rock that have somehow never heard of Rocket League before now, it’s basically car soccer, and no matter how awesome that may sound, it’s not as awesome as the game itself. Easy to pick up, full of cosmetic options, and pitting teams of 3 against one another, Rocket League is the sports game people who don’t like sports games like. I know a great number of Strategists have this title on all manner of systems, so we’re going to make a go of getting everyone playing with each other this weekend on whatever platform they prefer. Here’s everything you need to know to compete in Demolition Derby Soccer Rocket League:

  • What: Rocket League
  • When: 13 February at 9pm EST / 14 February at 2am UTC
  • Where: PC and PS4 using Mumble or PSN voice chat

Rocket League Deal


I’m there for PC and/or PS4.


If I’m not busy demoing my office I’ll be in for PS4, PSN: epyon415


I am SO in!

On PC… Obviously…


Ohhh nice! Count me in.

For PC. Steam user: kdmaam


I’m horrible at this game. Which is why I’m in for PS4 - schoolyard draft where I’m the last picked? :wink:


Depending on how many people turn out for which platform, we’ll sort out how it’s going to go down. Watch for more details prior to the event :wink:


I have the game downloaded but never played it. I’m going to try to make this one.


I didn’t know there were so many people into Rocket League on Strats! I’ve been playing this game like crazy for the past two weeks. Add me on steam and we can score some goals together!

Steam id: Milez On Wheelz


i have it on ps4, but can pick it up for pc if that’s where most of the people are at.


The goal for this Straturday is to have folks on both platforms, so don’t feel obligated to buy it on PC; I expect we’ll have a decent turnout of PS4 players as well :wink:


Rocket League is cross platform! I’m pretty sure it has in-game chat as well, never used it personally but I have heard people yell at each other! :smiley:


It is cross-platform with PS4/PC but its very difficult to sync up with your friends via other platform because neither system support other platform friends lists… yet. :smiley:


Ooohh…that changes things lol


Sounds interesting!
I will try to be part of this on PS4. As it may be quite late for me, I will certainly be available sooner for those who want to warm up :smile: !


Got the game ill try to play a few matches on ps4


downloaded this on Ps4 back when it was a PSN+ free game, only thing I didn’t like is it made my PS4 sound like it was about to lift off and fly away, anyone else have a super loud fan on some games? Just picked it up on Steam sale and it’s nice and quiet :slight_smile:


When the game first launched, there were reports of the games Main Menu overheating PS4’s because of the individual grass blades rendering, causing the GPU to heat up higher. They patched the game shortly.

Speaking of, it might be a good time to blow out the PS4 :smiley:


My wife informed me this morning that we’re going out for dinner tonight, which makes things a bit more difficult for me considering we’re in PST. So I guess that means I’m out… :frowning: