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So I started streaming on twitch over the summer when I built my computer. I have some good equipment and have put some time into the streaming over the summer especially. However, since school picked up in september and I am pre-med I am not as inclined to play during the school year. Semester ends in a few weeks and I am excited to pick up a few games on black friday discount sales. I am interested in getting a few people from the STRATS community to tune on now and again when I stream. I was unaware of the fact that we had a “self promoting” section of the forum.

Ok in short: 1) my twitch name is not permanent. I hate it, It was a place holder name which I did not realize took 60 days to change. I have been brainstorming names and have not gotten anything worth replacing it with yet so this is still the name. 2) I am a personal trainer (hence the stupid name) and pre-med in school so my niche is that I am a gamer who knows those areas of health and fitness. I like to try and incorporate the idea of being somewhat healthy into my streams although I tend to just play games and forget about the whole promote stretching and exercise during the process thing… 2.5) sometimes instead of water and stretching I drink scotch and get rowdy so its a nice balance. Lol 3) I consider myself well spoken so I wont be a mumbling idiot if that is something you hate like me haha. Anyway, I hope that I can post an official schedule sometime soon but for now if I am on and anyone feels so inclined to tune in and chill let me know! haha
Destiny 2, PUBG, Tom Clancy Wild Lands, GTAV, Overwatch (occasionally), FFXIV (occasionally)

  • At the moment I don’t have a set schedule because I am in school. Over the summer and breaks I will be on the majority of the time I have free (which will be a lot)
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