Streaming/Capture Computer


Right then, I’ve gotten permission from Household 6 to make one last major purchase before going on a Ramen/PBJ diet. I’m planning to build a rig that I can use for streaming and/or video capture from both my gaming PC and my PS4. This will relieve some burden on my main box while also allowing @Vocino some raw video to work with for promotional stuff.

I’d like to use a workstation GPU as it will allow me further flexibility when I begin software development and if I delve into any video/digital editing/rendering. My main battlestation is plenty beefy for gaming, but I’d like to get some frames and higher video settings back. Streaming with it isn’t that big a deal, but trying to do capture is a whole other beast.

Who’s got some insight?

Tentative Build:

  • i7

  • 32GB RAM
    (really it’s not that much more $ than 16GB and I’d rather have it and not need it than the other way around)

  • [Your input goes here]

Any advice on first computers?

You don’t really need anything like that if you’re just offloading capture. Even a little Elgato box will do full 1080p capture at 60fps. The only reason you need a big boy machine “for gameplay capture” is if you’re also running a game on top of it.


Interesting. I might do something more simplistic then and worry about the dev system in a couple years when I need it. I’ll do some additional poking around on the internets. Cheers!


Plus if you’re serious about software development you need a MacBook Pro. There’s just nothing else.


I though @Vocino 's dream machine was pretty beefy.