Streaming DA:I

So I know there’s a lot of people that are still on the fence about getting DA:I or are just interested in seeing the gameplay, so I encourage you guys to stream if and when you can, I know @Tommy2118 will soon have a server up that we can stream to, but for now I will stream on my twitch channel.

I have the next couple of days off so if you get the chance and wanna see what DA:I is all about send me a message and if I don’t already have a stream going I’ll throw one up, and try to keep spoilers to a minimum!


Just FYI, this might be of interest to you if you’re streaming at a specific time: Strats Social Promotion Requests

Yeah I saw that, no specific times right now trying to see if I have a date over the next 2 days or not, if not then I’ll be able to put a time to this

I wish I could stream, but ultimately I live in Canada where the avg internet speed is about 14mbps down / 1mbps up and streaming at any reasonable quality results in lag and horrible rendering issues on the stream side. I’ll be upgrading my internet here shortly, but it’s only a small upgrade. I can try again soon, but dunno how it’ll do.

I know how that is man, hopefully that upgrade will be just enough would love to see ya stream :slight_smile: