Streaming Event on 10/1/15 - Blind Playthrough of 'SOMA!'



I rarely do promo posts but I’m just so excited about this one I had to!

I have this new theme running on my channel where every now + then on Thursdays, I select a special game to highlight + stream. I use the #SimplyStreamingEvent hashtag to separate it from my normal weekend schedule.

Around 80% of these titles are a result of either a direct collaboration with a gaming studio or because I’ve gotten a free code to play the game.

This time I’m tackling the new sci-fi / horror game SOMA by Frictional Games! Stream starts tomorrow - Thursday, October 1st - at 9AM PST | 11AM CST | 12PM EST.

Previous titles I’ve done in a similar fashion have been ‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’, 'Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture,’ ‘Beyond Eyes’ and a few others.

These events have always gone really well in the past so I thought I’d post here because the studio itself knows I’ll be playing + I could really use the support!

Thanks, everyone. :blush:


I’ve seen some others stream this, and it’s a pretty interesting game. I’ve been considering getting it as well. I’ll have to stop by and watch! :smiley:


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