Streaming For the First Time


Click Here For a Very Sad Stream

I tried streaming for the first time, so if anyone wants to check it out, there it is :point_up_2:


Don’t forget to join the Twitch team :wink:


FYI, we are literally watching this stream in Zuck’s office right now.


Cute that you call him Zuck.


Thank you all SO MUCH for checking out my first stream today! Tommy and I are going over a few things I can work on, but I think it went pretty well (besides a few audio issues).

@Vocino BRB sending pics to my mom (LOOK AT ME NOW MOM).




(@W1thl0v3, we’re Super Girl + skelly is the gaming world … which we will own. Bwahaha!)

PS: I had a blast in your stream tonight! :gift_heart:


This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. STRATTTTSSS SISTAS. Thanks so much for everything tonight! You are amazing!


@W1thl0v3, do we need a Strats Sistas OBS overlay? haha


No problem. I’m happy to support, lovely! :smile:

Ohhhhhh snap! That can be a thing? :open_mouth:


Yaaas! Omg!