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#Hello Strats Fam!#

After a week or so hiatus due to vacation, I was (not so gracefully), back to streaming today. My first debacle was attempting to stream HotS, which made me more frustrated than anything. I have two major questions today:

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for bots? I knew I would have to deal with trolls at some point, but I was really lucky that @DrizztDo_Urden69 was there today to block someone who was saying some pretty derogatory stuff to me. I have a pretty thick skin, but when people talk to me like that while I’m gaming it makes me really nervous and I kind of clam up. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to avoid or prevent this? I like having my reactions visible, but if I need to get rid of my face on screen I’ll do it.

  2. How do you all decide on your schedule for streaming, and how long to stream? I feel so haphazard as of right now.

With that being said, I made the jump from 16 to 25 followers today! :slight_smile: Yay!

  1. Anhkbot, hands down; it can do most anything you need/want it to do. @ThatDoomThough actually posted a tutorial a little while back on how to get it all setup :wink:

  2. As for schedule, that’s completely based on what your schedule looks like. I know @simplyundrea streams weekends only, @AiKiller streams super-early-morning, I stream purely as available without a set schedule, presently, along with a large number of our Twitch team. It really just comes down to what are you able and willing to commit to. In my opinion, it’s better to not have a schedule if you’re not going to be able to follow it. That said, truly successful streamers (thousands of followers, etc.) have set schedules, so it also depends on whether you’re trying to do this casually/for funsies or if you’re wanting to try to make some kind of income off it or just generally take it more seriously.

GZ! :wink:


@Auth thanks so much for the speedy reply. I will def check out Ankhbot. I made @DrizztDo_Urden69 a Mod so he could ban the guy, so that helped too! And yeah I have just been so crazy with vacations and work, a schedule is something I definitely need to work on.


Adding Strats members who hang out with you in stream to your mod list is a great way to keep trolls under control :wink: Also, I know @simplyundrea runs some pretty strict language filters on her stream, so I feel she might have some additional advice to assist with managing the toxic portion of stream watchers that seem to love to find female streamers and harass them.


Imagine the trolls are probably 30 year old virgins who get a little to excited when they see a woman playing games. Which they probably are anyway.


Yeah, it’s crazy. Some trolls are just weird + ask me to flash them … THEN things get serious when racial slurs + disses to my appearance come into play. These are my Moobot ‘Spam filter’ settings:

(I have banned words turned ‘on’ so when most trolls come in their ‘insults’ will look like this: ****** Lol.) That pretty much filters out all the ignorant comments.

And I normally make it so all my Mods, Team Strats folk + my consistent people who are in chat get added to my Moobot/Nightbot ‘regular’ feature so they can talk freely for the most part.

Congrats, love! -whisper sings- ‘STRATS SISTAS …’ -ahem-

[quote=“W1thl0v3, post:1, topic:6445”]
How do you all decide on your schedule for streaming, and how long to stream? I feel so haphazard as of right now.

@W1thl0v3 … It depends on your free time + how long you’re willing to sit in front of the camera while still having enough oomph to play as well as interact with your chat. (Honestly, my personal streaming schedule came from about 4-6 of months watching other streamers as well as requests from my regulars.)

I tried to choose a schedule so I wouldn’t clash with Ede or Cohh or Man Vs. Game. I want to be logging off right as they are logging in or vice versa. Big name streamers can take a big bite out of your potential viewership too, depending on what you stream. (Especially when a new game drops. A lot of the big names will stream it first + then fall off.)

I’ve recently added Thursdays to my streaming schedule because people were asking me to be on more. So it’s a mix of what’s comfortable (and fun!) for you, how your game choices can affect your viewers, etc. I keep my streams on the short side so I won’t tire out + so my followers won’t get bored watching. (2 hours max!) But it might vary for you.

(PS: I can’t give you too much Bot advice because I monitor chat using Moobot from my MacBook. I’d LOVE it if someone could come up with Ankhbot for us Mac users! :pensive:)


Thanks so much for a wonderful and well thought out response. I wish Ankhbot would work for OS as well, but as of right now I guess it is not Mac friendly. And as for the trolls, I knew it would happen I guess I should just prepare for it to get worse based on how much exposure I get. And thanks so much for the love <3

Wish I had a console so we could play together D:


No problem! It’s not a lot of us girl gamers. We gotta stick together + help out each other when we can. When I first started streaming I had no guidance + I didn’t know about Strats then so I had to wade through things on my own. Any small thing I can do to assist, I will! :blush:

As long as there are people there will be trolls, unfortunately. (I hate that it comes with the territory.) But if you have reliable mods + good filters set up, it can shield you from the worst of it.

Me too, @W1thl0v3. Maybe if Steam Machines come along with streaming capabilities to Twitch I’ll be able to play with all my PC buddies. -crosses fingers- A girl can dream!


Which is why you’ll see me cursing in there for Undrea since she refuses to :stuck_out_tongue:

@W1thl0v3 I’m happy i coulda been there today, even though I was mainly disposed at work and couldn’t ensure nobody else came in, you’re doing a great job already though. :slight_smile: