Streaming on Twitch with Team Strats



The goal of this guide is to clearly articulate the focus and structure of our Team Strats streaming efforts. Since @Auth and I are investing a lot more in the promotion of the team and community streamers, it’s helpful that everyone is in the right place so we all benefit. We have a presence on many different platforms but for the purpose of this post I’m going to concentrate on Twitch (new Facebook guide is forth-coming).


This is our official team and it’s managed by @lyteforce. This is a lean and motivated group of Twitch-dedicated streamers. We want representation here to be focused on helping everyone in the Strats community.

To be a member of the team you must…

  • be a Twitch affiliate or partner and/or regular/glorious patron.
  • have set as your primary team—meaning that it will show up on your channel info.
  • auto host the team (your manually entered auto hosts will still be prioritized).
  • proudly display the Team Strats panel (or a similar panel that you’ve designed to fit within your brand).
  • stream to the Strategists community (see below).

Team Panel

This is the generic team panel. If you want to make your own that fits with your channel’s style, that’s cool too.


Make sure it links to

Team Strats Application


As a compliment to the Twitch team, we have a more broad community home where people can participate more freely. You can direct your stream to three communities at the same time. As I know you’re a loyal Strategist, Strategists should be one of them.

You add communities to your Twitch stream information via the Dashboard:


The result of being on the Team and the Community shows as this:



Both the Team and Community efforts are supported by our Discord sharing. Whether you stream as a member of the team or as a member of the community (or both), your stream will be shared in the #streaming channel as you go live. We’re also working on more ways to publish streams that go live.

This post will be promoted by the bot while you’re live and then deleted once you go offline in order to reduce the clutter of the channel.

Here is an example:




We’re open to feedback on this model and we can evolve it over time just as we have in the past.

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Small multi-platform streamer

Question for you, will past members working toward affiliate but aren’t there yet be grand parented into the official Stream Team or will be added back once we reach Affiliate Status?


The spirit is that the team peeps are focused on streaming consistently so everything else is a proxy for that. We can be flexible there.


I just have a quick question on this. Is there an application to join, or can I just add the team tag?


We have an application for the team that’s undergoing some revisions; it will be posted to the OP sometime later this week.


You can still add the Strategists community when streaming!


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll add the community tag for the streams and wait for the application to be finalised


@Auth, community manager of awesome, should have it for you today.


Finalizing it as we speak :wink:


Just wondering if my application was received? Not sure if I closed the page too early or not when I did it the other day. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna pester you every 10 mins for the status of it lol


Don’t worry, it was. Without overly-disclosing the process, there are a few things that go on behind the scenes before finalizing which have been slightly-complicated by IRL things this week; you’ll hear from either myself or @lyteforce early next week :wink:


No worries. Just wasn’t sure as there wasn’t an email or anything when it was completed, like a notification. At least I know now :slight_smile: Thanks



Where would I apply to be able to stream with Strats?


In the OP there’s a link to our google Doc application form :wink: