Streaming Resources


Hey everyone,

I thought I’d ping you guys since I’m sure most of you who have been streaming either longer than I have or have been around the industry longer than me might know of some reliable sources that I may use for the inquiry below.

Long story short, I’ve been looking for quite some time for someone who is able to create and provide for me some resources for my stream. In this endeavor, I’m really looking for a Twitch Banner, A Twitch Offline Screen, a welcome screen (when the stream is starting) and a closing screen (for when the stream ends). If there’s more time or the desire is there, I’d also like to redo my info box banners, but those are less important.

I can do either freelance work and credit/source to your work back to you, or I can do paid, it doesn’t matter to me, but I can discuss that kind of stuff later. I’m responsive, and pretty good with creative vision, so I’m sure that we can nail down a pretty decent “look” in just a few short drafts.

This is by no means time sensitive, but I’ve checked every resource I can humanly find to get this material done, but no one seems to want to respond, or isn’t really interested in taking on additional work at the moment. So, I’m turning it over to you guys and seeing if you, or anyone you know, has the time to work with me.

It would be greatly appreciated. If you want any more details, I’ll be happy to share more thoughts.

Thank you!


I did some freelance graphic design. I might be willing to help out.


Are you a Strats partner? If so, I will make them for you. /cc @tommy2118


No sir, I don’t believe I am. Not sure it’s warranted for me, as I really don’t have a set schedule. I stream as much as I can, with life always taking a priority. I didn’t really see much of anything else that can’t be done to make the requirements all met.

I can go over everything tonight and ensure that it’s all copacetic. Are you sure you want to offer? I’m sure you’re busy as hell with everything else you’ve got going on.


Yes, absolutely. You’re here and you contribute a lot with great discussion. I want to support the community with what I can contribute.

Also worth noting, as @Auth found out, I’m not an illustrator. I can however make some sexy graphic design to suit your needs.


True! @Vocino designed my offline screen.


We’re gonna finish that damn duck one of these days :wink:


Yeah I’ve been looking for it all myself @PeterThomas6 what happens with me is I find someone and they do a image or two and never hear back from them again so my Twitch page is a mess of like 4 different peoples “art”. :stuck_out_tongue: