Streaming through my life


Okay, I am severely underestimating how long this will take.

I am going to play (hopefully until completion) one game from every year I have been alive.
The games have been chosen and they are a mixed bag to keep me on my toes and keep it somewhat interesting.

This will be delivered in many parts, as you can imagine it’s going to be huge and balancing this around my pregnant girlfriend, work and army life this will be a mission. So in order to make this easier I’m going to bang out 2 massive, massive streams to get as far through as i can.

27 December 15 0200GMT - 31 December 15 0400GMT (I will sleep periodically, but sleep and breaks will be as few and short as I can manage)

01 January 16 0200GMT - 04 January 16 0100GMT (As before I was sleep as little as I can manage)

After these times and dates I will not be able to do large block streams as I am back at work.
For whatever games remain after this I will do during the weekends. TBC after the monster streams.
( Normal times for my weekend streams are:
Friday: 0500GMT - 1400GMT
Saturday: 0200GMT - 1400GMT
Sunday: 0200GMT - 1000GMT

Here are the games I’ll be jamming. is where to find me

I hope to see some new faces pop in from time to time, it’ll be a journey.