Streaming while, well Streaming

Ok so has anybody tried streaming with the PS4 while playing a PS NOW game? For me to check I’d have to rent one, and while I will be doing it soon I don’t wanna do it right now, so was wondering if anybody had tried it already or knows of anything.

I’ve thought about this. I see no reason it wouldn’t work if you have the bandwidth. Most PS3 games will be coming over at 720p30 max. I’m not sure what the bitrate is but I’m sure it’s manageable. Other than the controller input, there isn’t too much to send so you’re dealing with download speed as opposed to upload.

Ok sweet that’s how I was thinking about it as well. I want to start playing some games such as Darksiders, and streaming it so hopefully it works.

I’m gonna try this tomorrow night (as long as my Internet cooperates) and let you know how it goes.

It does not work as you cannot use the options or share buttons while in a ps now game you can only use the touch pad for your pause and select buttons

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What if you start the stream before queuing up the game?

Didn’t think about that but I’m sure your PS4 will yell at you for broadcasting while trying to play a ps now game, who knows haha

The only one that yells about stupid things is you :wink:

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Can you start the stream at the home menu?

yeah, you can start streaming from any location

Hmm ok, I’ll be trying it tomorrow night. We’ll see how it goes

So, might be because I have to use the PS4 stream feature, but when I’m in the home screen and hit the share button, I don’t get the Broadcast option. Only when I’m playing a game will it show up.

There might be a way to trick it; see if you can start broadcasting and then launch into Play while the other title is still running. I did do a bit of streaming straight from the PS4, but that was some time ago.

My guess is there isn’t going to be a way to stream from the PS4 directly. In terms of user experience, you don’t want to have to explain bandwidth. It’s better from a product perspective to lock the feature than have it not work.

So tested it out, no way to stream from the PS4 while playing a PS NOW game, tried everything I could think of and nothing worked. Oh well.

Yeah, you’re going to need an Elgato or something.

Maybe after I get my comp I’ll look into it