Street Fighter 5 will be free next week


Letting everyone know that Street Fighter 5 will be free for all Steam users on Mar 28 - Apr 3.

Capcom is making some updates to online play and want to test it with the PC users. Only online play will be available (no single-player) and all existing characters will be playable.

The base game is currently $40 or the bundle with season 1 and 2 characters for $80. Unsure yet if a sale will accompany this free period but I believe it’s possible.

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I’ve never been great at fighters. I did used to play the shit out of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter in middle school at an arcade. Haven’t been able to get into them at all since.



I played the original Street Fighter in the arcade. I wish I knew just how many quarters I’ve spent at arcades over the years.

I bought SF5 when it released in Feb 2016. The netcode was pretty bad then but they have made some improvements already. I got back into the game last week after purchasing the Killer Instinct pack the previous week. So far I’m having fun logging in for a couple matches when I want.

Definitely recommend a gamepad or fightstick.



And FYI - Street Fighter 5 sounds amazing thru my sound card.



Reminder that Street Fighter 5 (online services) will be free for a week starting tomorrow afternoon (1pm Pacific).

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is going to be free again for both PC and PS4! April 23 - May 5. Does anyone want to have a duel? :smiley: