Strike Vector: Itching for Some Starship Shooting?



##I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again:
###Strike Vector is the game you didn’t know you wanted to play

#The Cool
An almost perfect game, Strike Vector, was created by a team of just nine indie developers in 15 months.
The game mechanics are mind blowing. The need for speed is alive and well, but watch out and don’t crash. The company’s called Rage-Quite for a reason.

That being said, this game will require some skill, but nothing you can’t achieve by going through their tutorials. WinterCharm said it best over at regarding controls and the insane sense of speed, “This is not a game you can simply pick up in 5 minutes. While the controls are easy enough, and well-designed, what makes this game difficult is the sheer sense of speed. Do not be discouraged - it takes time for your brain to adapt to this game, and to be able to interpret all the spatial information that you need to be able to process in order to be able to play this game at maximum speed.”

#The Good

  • Strike Vector is available now through Steam on the PC and coming to the PS4 and XB1.
  • This is a first and third person aerial shooter.
  • Customization is completely open to you. All of the weapons are available from the start meaning even playing field. No more, oh this ship beats that ship, suck it.
  • All abilities and bonuses are also available from the get go. The only unlockables are cosmetic items that change the look and feel of your vector (sexship…I mean spaceship).
  • The Devs have promised that all “to be released or DLC” is free for whomever owns the game. Very nice considering current events in the gaming politico sphere.
  • Works with joysticks, controllers, and mouse ‘n’ keys - in my experience a mouse and keyboard is the way to go
  • Remember Guns of Icarus? This game could hold the same enjoyment
  • @Biff_Tannen, @doogles, @iamkrillin, @BlakAvalanche, and myself already own this game.

#The Not So Good

  • Server population is lacking - seriously
  • You know the catchy rock music playing? Well that’s limited to the menus, only sound in-game are sound effects. This might not be a problem as I’m sure most of y’all have your own music playing whilst gaming.
  • There is a limited number of game modes and the single player is pretty much limited to tutorials and training.
  • This is a graphic intensive game, with little control over it’s video settings. I can see this being a problem with users who might want to play this but have an older system (much older)


Here’s a 24 minute video explaining everything, but it’s outdated and some of the information is false. (Maybe reading isn’t so bad, huh?)

#The Great

If you’ve got the itch for some spacy dog fights and want to play Star Citizen NOW. Well this might meet your fix because I’ve got 4 Copies of Strike Vector to give away.


That looks really fun- how much is it?


It’s $11.99 now and goes on sale all the time! If you’d like a copy all you need to do is ask.


This looks like it could be pretty fun. How many people are there per team? Or is it FFA?


Team space is determined by server ranging from 2 to 32 people in a map, I’m not sure the maximum number of members for any given team. It is definitely greater than 4. Here is a list of the different modes


Can confirm that the game is fun and quite challenging.