Strike Vector


Strike Vector

A flying FPS on sale at Steam for $5.99 - Offer ends Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time

Also, I bought the four pack so I have

3 product keys to give out!!!

I also have two more product keys to give out for Guns of Icarus!!!


Woah, why have I not seen this before now? It looks freaking awesome.


It’s an excellent game, i’ve played it a bit, but the main problem with the game is that there aren’t many people playing it. Maybe that’ll be fix after all the sales they’ve run in the past few months.


Ooooh I voted for this on greenlight but had no idea it got approved (I still don’t really know how greenlight works). I’ll take a key and if you exhaust the ones you have i’ll gladly be the next to buy a 4 pack.

Also if any of you have not played guns of icarus, take wheatums up on the free key, it’s awesome.



So, @doogles you should check your steam mail and @Vocino, would you like a key?

#Let’s give the game some free press!

I had a blast playing last night, it really is one of the fastest paced games I’ve ever played.


I’ll try it out if you still have a key


If you’re talking about Guns of Icarus, I have a key, we were playing it like crazy a few weeks ago.


@Biff_Tannen, I’ll send one your way. And @Vocino I mean for Strike Vector.


Thanks brah


Hell yeah brah