Stuff Babies Need?


With my wife & I first-time parents, we’re currently on to the phase of outfitting our place in preparation for our little ones arrival in April. And being first-timers, we’re not entirely sure on what we actually need to get.

So I figured with there being a few experienced parents amongst the membership of Strats, I’d cast a wider net to solicit ideas from everyone here.

Got any hot tips on things we should look for? And where we should go to research?


Invest in a good stroller that has good storage. They can be expensive but it’s worth it. It will be like your car. We have the Uppababy Cruz and it’s amazing:


Costco sized pack of towels. Not bad ass 1000 thread-count ones or something insane ones, just stuff you can use to clean up spit-up and messes. When kids vomit, it all comes out.

Hand towels and face towels really.

You’ll go thru a ton of bottle nipples depending on your kid. There are a ton of styles too.

Buy each style and go from there. Our son would gum the nipples and it would basically enlarge the opening a ton. So day 1 he wouldn’t flip out but like week 2 he’s be getting food like it was a faucet.

Watch the wipes you use and if you notice that they always have rash, try changing wipes.

Our son would get SUPER bad diaper rash (Like open sores bad) if we used huggies wipes. We switched to Costco generic brand and never had another issue.

Depending on your family, your kid may outgrow things like mad.

Try and have things a couple sized away from newborn ASAP. If your family is taller / bigger on average you may not even have them in new-born things more than like day 1 or so. Our son was like that, wife was super sad. Had a ton of things that she wanted him to wear but he was just too big for them.


When your child is about 3 months old, I would definitely recommend using a zippy. This thing has been amazing for keeping my 2 boys asleep thru the night.

I was able to cheat my parenting a little bit; my wife already had 2 children before we married. She was completely calm about it all.




Don’t buy too many diapers! You never know how big your kid will be when they come out. Size of their hips, girth of their legs, width of the waist you never know.
We got newborns and my baby was huge as hell and started with size 1 diapers!


Skip on the basinet. Neither of my kids liked them and they’re too expensive for what you get. But each babies different.

Buy a playpen that has the secondary level so you don’t have to bend waaaaay down. It’s great for when you need a place to lay them down really quickly and know they’re safe. Also make sure you have a safe spot like that in most places of the house. A crib, playpen, playmat on the floor with baby gates all around. Anything that prevents them from falling or rolling off.

I’d suggest a good Graco or similar carseat/baby carrier/stroller hybrid. It’s a carseat but has this mechanism that lets it connect directly to the stroller without taking them out. Usually lightweight and portable (think compact instead of a hulking mass of carseat) if they outgrow the carseat you still have a good stroller to use when they’re a toddler.

Do not be afraid to get after people when they are trying to teach your child something you don’t like. A habit, a word, behavior, or discipline. That’s your baby and they can keep it to themselves or they can never see the baby.


Thanks everyone!


The best thing you can have is a plan to cope with the hectic-ness and stress. Be on the same page as far as co-sleeping or not, contingencies for breastfeeding because that doesn’t always work out even if you do everything right, and other baby issues. My son is 7 now and we went overboard with baby stuff we never even used (like a changing table).

Don’t forget to sleep, and eat, and take some time for yourself, and make sure your partner gets some down time as well. Go have a date night as soon as you feel comfortable and are able. You all are the support structure the child needs, so you should be as strong as possible.


I’d probably buy it a crib of sorts.