Subtember on Twitch


During the Twitch Town Hall yesterday at PAX, the Twitch team announced that all active gifted subs in September will have the option to extend for an additional month for $1 - with the streamer getting paid the same amount as a full paid sub.

Did you get a gift sub? Did you do some gifting? Would you extend for the buck?

And while it remains unclear if Subtember will also include the half-price subs that we saw last year, this seems like a good gateway to get people to sub to some of their favourite content creators - assuming they received a gift.


Please note that just because today is September 1, this deal is actually not active yet. Twitch hasn’t even announced when it will go active.


I’m going to take a wild guess that it will be sometime in September.


I felt it was a fair assumption that because the deal was called Subtember (being a play on the word September, which is the month that began today) that people would believe it would be active starting on the 1st of the month.