Suggested camera view

Ever since I have gotten GTA V on next gen playstation I have been using first person shooting with third person driving. Has anyone else done this? Do you find it easier to shoot in first or third person? I am thinking of switching back to third person shooting. I feel I am a less accurate shot with first person shooting but it does look cool. Feedback greatly appreciated.

3rd for competitive, 1st for casual :wink:


Thank you. Def gonna be switching it back. Love the way it looks though.

Definitely try @Auth’s downhill race in first person. It is pretty epic xD (And by downhill I mean down-mountain) Good times :slight_smile:

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Lol. I’ll check it out but I’m pretty sure im the worst at driving in first person.

I enjoy using first person, especially to drive with. From what I understand in the newest update they fixed some options in the pause menu for First Person… The notable one is a lower deadzone for faster inputs, making the aiming tighter, which it needed badly. Because GTA is a cover based game I feel that it is incredibly tough to pull off first person view for big firefights but now with the better controls a quick aimer can take good advantage of it.

I shoot and drive motorcycles in first person. It makes it easier to shoot and I do better. The motorcycle driving is terrifying in first person. It makes me love swerving in and out of traffic. Third poison is much more manageable though fit driving normally.