Suggested software to edit videos, etc


So, I’ve been playing with my Elgato lately (more than just themes!) and I want to upload a couple videos. I need to do some basic editing which can’t be done with the generic Elgato HD Capture software, but I can export either directly to Windows Movie Maker, or to MP4 format. I tried exporting to Windows Movie Maker, however after saving in HD format, I noticed every so often that the video stutters. It looks like frame drops. If I play the same sequence back in the Elgato player, there are no problems. I thought this was maybe a result of me playing around on my computer when I was initially exporting to Windows Movie Maker, and it was processing it, etc, so I went through and did it all again, and it seems to still be an issue. It’s nothing major, however it’s noticeable enough that I don’t want to upload a video like that.

Anyways, if anyone has suggestions with some good competent video editing software that’s relatively easy to use, that’d be great.

I should note that I have an i7 with 16gb of RAM, so I don’t believe it’s a result of my hardware lacking.


On my PC laptop I have Cyberlink Power Director installed. (Link) They have some powerful export options.

And on my MacBook I use iMovie for video editing which is the standard.


I second the motion for Cyberlink Power Director. I used a lot of free trials for different company software, but none were as simple or as easy to use as CLPD. A word of caution: if you don’t have a lot of RAM in your PC, be prepared to spend a LOT of time waiting for the large video files to load every time you move around in them.


Obviously if you can afford it, Adobe Premiere is best you can get for PC. It’s 19.99 a month for just Premiere Pro, and $50 a month for the complete suite of all Adobe products. Adobe Creative Cloud


How easy do you think it would be for someone who has never done any video editing to use this program.
I’ve been considering getting into it but I have no experience with video editing, although I am generally technologically inclined.


Like with any software, there’s going to be a small learning curve. But when it comes down to it, just doing a simple cut and edit to get pure content only is very simple. As you add more features into it, you gradually add more complexity. You can download the demo from the website for 30 days if you wish to try it out.


I ended up picking up Cyberlink due to the massive discount they had (59.99 or something).

That aside, I created one video with it and when I went to Produce, it was wanting to encode it in 1080/30p (30fps). I couldn’t figure out how to get it to do 60fps without going to some random file format that is not officially supported by YouTube. I did the Intelligent SVRT scan. That then allowed me to do a custom .mp4 file format for 1080/60p which is great. The first video encoded fine.

Now I went to create a second video, and I can’t find my custom format that I created on the first video. The .mp4 file format doesn’t give me a 60fps option only 30fps, and anytime I click the “Intelligent SVRT” scan it now just freezes the software.

Anyone have any idea.why it would be hanging up on me? I ended up encoding it was a m2ts format (I could be wrong, I’m at work and can’t recall the file format options), which wasn’t one that was ‘supported’ by YouTube. It ended up working and I uploaded them, but I’d prefer to keep it in an .mp4 format or something to that extent. It does appear that the original Intelligent SVRT had a much higher bitrate then the m2ts format ended up with.

Anyone have any suggestion?.

Edit: FWIW, the Videos I uploaded are here: Spoiler Warning: For anyone interested in The Order 1886, these are the last two chapters in the game. Heads up!

The one using the Intellegent SVRT that used the .mp4 container is here:

The one that kept freezing when scanning with the Intelligent SVRT option, so I opted using the .m2ts container is here:



I wish I could see a screenshot to be able to tell what’s happening. But Cyberlink has an option when you go to Produce where you can save your previous export settings so that you won’t have to manually enter your personal preferences every time you’re editing video.

It’s a great little feature + it might save you time if the program freezes for you. (Cyberlink can lock up on you sometimes, it did it for me in the past a lot.) Run Task Manager to close the program + maybe try again?


If you’re technically inclined then I’m sure you’ll pick up on things! It’s a great program to get your feet wet in terms of video editing. I switched to Cyberlink after using Windows Movie Maker for years. If you need help, YouTube has some great tutorials if you’re curious about the editing process + what the layout of the program is like.


Ya, whenever it locked up I’d just close it out and try again, but it did it every single time I tried.

I tried to manually create a profile but that locked up as well. It’s odd… Not sure if it’s just that one video. I got it working, so I’ll try it out next time.


That IS really weird. I've had freezes whenever I was exporting large HD files but never when attempting to create profiles and such. :weary: Hopefully this issue will clear up for you soon!