Suggestion to remove the basement channel from Discord


I would like to suggest the removal of #nsfw-basement from the Discord server.

It is sometimes used to freely share personal beliefs and feelings, regardless of how the rest of the Discord population might feel about the subject. It can get toxic. I feel it doesn’t promote the community we are building.

We have an off-topic channel. Let’s use it instead. Discussions similar to what take place in the basement just don’t belong in the Strats gaming community.

Or I’m sure there are plenty of other forums and subreddits for that sort of thing.


I look at it this way - all conversation of that nature would need to stop (civil or otherwise) if #nsfw-basement goes. Suggesting it can be contained in #off-topic is foolish as emotions don’t turn off based on channel. At least for the time being, there’s a channel for the foolishness to reside.

And I assume #basement here would go too.


I guess my wording was poor. I didn’t mean for basement chat to simply be moved to off-topic. I was suggesting that basement chat (and everything contained) be removed completely.


I mean, I will personally volunteer to stay outta there rather than bombing out the channel completely, if that’ll help.


I understand that it could get to be toxic but there are times people need to get stuff off their minds. Society has always not liken those who freely speak I mean personal attacks are one thing. But having an opinion is quite normal. I feel like everyone is different so it’s only natural different view points exist. If it is becoming a personal attack I would understand the issue. I haven’t been in the channel so I wouldn’t know but if having an opinion that doesn’t match your own is bad then I wouldn’t understand. I will be completely honest in that I only use 2 chat channels in strats. I am not trying to say your suggestion is bad or good. I don’t know everything that happens in there so just wanted to give an objective thought.


I dont see the removal azs needed at all…people have opinions and they need somewhere to express them.

That pretty much tells people that they cannot have an opinion or speak their mind when they want to…if you do not like the content then mute the channel. We are all mature people but telling us that we need to stop the basement chat is kind of telling us to not have our own views or whatnot. This is not a “kid friendly” community…

totally disagree with removing it.


My suggestion does not prevent people from having an opinion. I’m just saying that those opinions are not necessary in a gaming community. Does Blizzard have a section for all their trash posts?

And why is Strats not a “kid friendly” community? Mature and kid friendly don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


Man, I’m glad someone else said something. I don’t mind making some jokes about politics or something like that, but that place is like a warzone of salt and bitterness. I’d miss dropping a silly inappropriate link in there every once in a while, but I don’t think what that channel has become has anything to do with what Strats is about.

Maybe we don’t remove the channel, but I think it should be guided towards a light hearted place for something you don’t want on your screen when a coworker walks by. Right now the conversations that end up in there would probably be better suited for a personal blog about politics.


No one seems to be voting on this though.


need a different solution


For what it’s worth, my experience with it has been pretty good. I have the chat channel muted and the forum category muted. Every now and then I’ll peek in and chat.

Its presence doesn’t hurt my experience. Is it negatively impacting others? If it’s positively impacting the experience for some and not negatively impacting the experience for anyone, I would argue that it’s probably fine to leave it.

I don’t think the existence of the channel makes good people act like assholes in there. So the real question is likely this: Do we currently have two off-topic channels/categories? Are they different? How? Why?


nope, just don’t go in there.

Yes there are. NSFW specifically says “political talk”, in fact the description starts with it as if that’s supposed to be the main use of the channel. Since politics is a major topic of debate, I’d say nsfw is not being used in the way I assumed nsfw would be used. But like I said, I can just not go there and my strats experience will be non the wiser.


I haven’t actually been in that chat room for any reason, so I haven’t seen any of the writings expressed there, but I’m interested in the question (paraphrased) “does there even need to be an off-topic place for posts? Does Blizzard find the need to have such a place for off-topic posts?”

The “Off-Topic” has a long history in online communities, and I think the reason this happens is that when any group of people get to know each other in one context, the desire to talk about other things naturally erupts.

The “on-topic” discussion is what may originally attract people, and depending on the goal of the organization off-topic may be desirable or not. If the goal of the organization is to be purely a resource or representative, then off-topic doesn’t make a lot of sense. If the goal is to create a community of people who become friendly associates, then off-topic is a way to maintain organizational focus while providing a space for socialilzing about other matters. I see Strats as being the kind of place that is fostering community, so providing means for people to interact in multiple ways about multiple facets of their lives seem within that. So “off-topic” conversation is really part of the overall organization goal. It’s “off topic” only in the sense that it’s not about gaming.

If there are terms of service violations like hate speech, personal attacks, an so on going on, that would definitely be grounds for some kind of suspension I’d think, but probably on the person level. As a “mature” gaming organization, maybe what’s not so clear to people is what “maturity” means? If there is a lot of silly shitposting in the channel, I could see that as being grounds for removal, but if its not clear in the org guidelines what counts of “mature”, then it’s debateable either way.


I always enjoy reading an @daveseah post.

Unfortunately, your paraphrase was poor in this case. My original suggestion wasn’t to remove off-topic posts, but to remove the nsfw channel and the discussions that sometimes go on in there.

Strats’ off-topic is defined in Discord as off-topic chatter. However, nsfw goes a step further and labels itself as stuff that would get you fired at work.

I don’t mind off-topic chatter since it should include casual real-life happenings, discussions on comic books or movies, anything not gaming-or-Strats-related.

But nsfw is most often used as a political discussion area. My questions: Is that type of discussion really necessary in a gaming community? Do other video game related forums provide an area to discuss politics or personal beliefs?

So far the feelings seem to be “just turn it off”. Fine, I will do that. I’m the only one who has provided a positive vote in this matter. My questions are still relevant, though.


i mean, i guess i have a couple of questions in response

  1. is it possible to have like a debate channel or something? mark it nsfw, have people mute it, etc. personally i enjoy discussing politics and spirited debate, and i think it’s nice to have a place to have a back and forth with people who, hopefully, also won’t take it personally

  2. has there been any overflow into the other channels? hard feelings, insults carried elsewhere, etc.? from what i’ve seen, the basement has stayed in the basement and hasn’t really affected the surrounding community (nor should it.)

i understand the distaste for discussing politics and social issues but for some of us those things are pervasive and important, and it’s nice to have people to go back and forth with about that. if the general consensus is that that ain’t Strats, then so be it, but unless it became a problem that bled into other chats/onto the boards in inappropriate places, i have to wonder if it’s necessary to go all exterminatus on political/social discussion within the designated channels.


I completely agree with @daveseah’s point about off topic. I believe it to be an essential part of a group’s dynamic. To @teh_ninjaneer’s point, the question is whether we need what is essentially an off-off-topic channel.

I can think of reasons we would and reasons we wouldn’t. I’m not particularly passionate about either one.

On the one hand, I think if you can’t say it in #off-topic it likely doesn’t belong anywhere here. That seems like the strongest argument and in the simplest terms I can think of.

On the other hand, there are plenty of topics that people in a group historically don’t want to participate in but where at the same time there are people who are passionate about discussing them. There are also things which are not porn but may be considered not safe to have on your second monitor as you sit at work.


my apologies for misunderstanding your point!

NSFW including politics is a little odd-seeming to me. In other forums I’ve been in such channels have been labeled “politics” explicitly, though after a while one of the forums dropped it altogether because people couldn’t keep chill about it.

EDIT: But yeah, I would say just mute it the channel. I would never personally go in there myself, but I can imagine others wanting to go somewhere to talk about that stuff.

I already am kind of confused about the non-gaming channels anyway as to what makes them different from each other, other than that they seem to be associated with particular cliques or something.


i agree with @teh_ninjaneer and have voted accordingly. While I think it’s very important to allow people to have their opinions and be able to voice them, I just don’t think this channel is necessary. If you have strong political opinions, there are plenty of places where it can be discussed that aren’t supposed to be friendly gaming communities. I feel like there are certain discussions that occur in our current channel that are not fitting with the general attitude and goals of strats. Sometimes, they even come off as inciting or provoking on purpose. There is no room for that shit here.


Well, the channel was originally created to post jokes not safe for work. Another user and I started using it for politics when he said something I considered to be incorrect and I asked if I was allowed to respond.

I mean, I’m not going to lie–I find it odd that we’re trying to stifle political discussions by way of insisting it affects the friendliness of the community when, up to this point, nothing has bled over into other channels. I certainly don’t take my disagreements with other users into other channels; I haven’t seen it happen anywhere else, either. From that first heated discussion with the other user, I’ve always assumed that anything said in nsfw-basement stayed in nsfw-basement, same as the section on

But that being said, it was not the original intent of the channel. If what you want is to ban politic-speak, or insist that people be less combative when discussing politics, that makes a little more sense (though I still insist that people should have a venue to do that,) but deleting the channel outright seems extreme.


why does that venue have to occur within Strats? There are plenty of other avenues to vent your frustrations with current Politics (reddit, twitter, facebook, various forums, etc).