Suicide Squad trailer



saw that this morning. definitely looks more interesting than i thought it did previously. might be trying too hard to be deadpool but we’ll see.


Embarrassment of riches for nerdy comic book folk. What a time to be alive.


DC might be finally getting it.


Agreed. They’re doing really well in the live action TV department, and I think the animated TV is better with DC. I personally really liked Man of Steel, flaws included, so I’m really excited for the future.


Marvel showed them the way, they need only walk it :wink:


Never been a fan of Comics and what not… But this movie seems interesting.

Batman FTW! oh wait…


This is looking better and better every time they release something new about it.
And Suicide Squad is one of the few DC titles that I actually like so I hope they get it right.


I’m sure he’ll make an appearance, I’m excited for this movie, who is Will supposed to be? He seems kind of out of place among the crazies


Will is Deadshot.


An anti-hero, basically :wink:


I’ll be honest, I was disappointed when I heard Will Smith was going to be part of this.


I actually like Will Smith. I like a lot of movies he’s been in.
That being said, I don’t see him as a good pick for Deadshot. Just have to wait and see how it turns out though.


did anyone else think that this trailer was a freakin masterpiece? from the moment it starts with queen i was hooked. i don’t think ive ever said that about a trailer before. its DC’s time for sure


there’s another instance of something I love (that song) being used really awkwardly, but yea, great trailer. I freakin love Harley Quinn, I hope they don’t give her too many cheezy lines like that one about being the bad guys


I actually would have preferred if the song hadn’t been cut apart with pieces omitted for time. Everybody knows that song; since they wanted to use that song, I’d have preferred that they take the time to use it in its entirety (at least that portion of it). Still a good trailer, but could have been so much better with a little more disregard for time constraints and a bit more editing wizardry.


yea that line was awful, they could have said just about anything else and it not been cheezy. lol.