Sunday is Planetside 2 Night [PC]



#Operations Night
Our official training, and Operations Night will be sunday night 5-9 est.

I wanna see everyone there with your A game we will start with some training, and end with an attempt to be the dominate outfit on emerald.




I suck so bad at planetside so I’m going to try and make this one.

That said don’t expect me to be much help :frowning:

Edit : for us in the UK that’s 22:00 - 02:00 et


It’ll be fine if you stick with us


Dunno if I will be on for all of the time… Maybe we can get the #^$% Voice chat to work.


I don’t know why we don’t use Mumble…


yea the voice chat is a bitch


We will see…


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Playing minecraft right now

What sides do you guys play on?


Terran Republic


We do use Mumble, but unfortunately most of the outfit doesn’t. I’ll be in the Planetside 2 channel on Operations Night.


I’m going to attempt to push people over =/


My expectations for Planetside 2 night.


2 much hype 4 me.


I hope everyone is ready for the madness, if you don’t play much, or think you’re not that good it doesn’t matter I’ll whip you into shape. Everything is going as scheduled, and I hope for a big turn out.

See you on the battlefield and LOYALTY UNTIL DEATH!


My body is ready!

Are we (can we) do anything to notify the members that don’t use the forum that there’s a strategic op tonight?


I’m setting the outfit notification to tell them sunday is op night, but when we get on we should tell them.


So… i re dled the game but when i try to launch it gives me an error… it says Unable to Download Socket Error: Host not found. anybody know how to fix this by any chance?


Hmm, firewall issue maybe? I’m not sure what that could be. You’re sure you’re connected to the internet, I’m assuming?