Super awkward streaming moment, girl caught cheating


Damn I hate when friends come over to my house and install, setup, and calibrate aimbots on my computer without my permission!


I also hate it when I load up my game, configure/load my profile for said cheats, play a round and only notice after a full round has gone by that someone has loaded cheats on my computer without my knowledge.


Yeah I mean sure I play this game for like 6 hours per day but who knows what all this extra stuff on my screen is, probably just a bug. And why is my mouse cursor snapping on those red dots?!


Gotta hate the glitches that show you enemy movement, wireframe character models, health, weapons, and so forth all through the walls.


I report every Widowmaker in Overwatch when I watch the killcam and they instantly snap to my character.


Ugh, just makes you wonder how many cheaters you actually come by on a daily basis :frowning:.



I love the Clara memes that are coming out of this. Been seeing this clip and the reactions from all the CSGO pros about it, it’s hilarious. Some other guy came out sand said this girl was a member of his clan on some FPS mobile game. She made up some huge story about having terminal cancer and took over the whole clan with her drama.

there’s also another video out there of her being dumb AF. after realizing she was probably going to VAC banned, she transferred all her CSGO items to another steam account. but she did it on stream. and everyone reported that second account and clipped the video and sent it to Valve. I think that account got banned too.


oh, and her twitch got banned too. she started a new one, but people have been reporting that one too. what a dumbass.


Damit Clara! XD