Surprise! PS4 already has a working PS2 emulator



That’s crazy good news if you’re into that stuff. It was all discovered when journalists at Eurogamer received the special edition PS4 Star Wars bundle that included download codes for old PS2 Star Wars games.

Sony confirmed that they are working on a PS2 emulator, but didn’t give a timeframe.


I’ll be fine with the emulator being a download but ONLY if I can also use my disc as well.


That’s little consolation for having a hideous-looking PS4 :wink:


I’m confused. Sony can’t (or won’t) provide backwards compatibility for PS3 games, so they instead go back two generations in an attempt to make the fanboys squeal?

Maybe my boy can play Kingdom Hearts.


Don’t quote me on this, but I think it’s because they tried to get fancy with the PS3’s internals (i.e. custom CPU, etc) and now it’s difficult to create an emulator for it.

Since that was such a shitshow they reverted back to a typical structure, so the PS4 must have more in common with the PS2 making a PS2 emulator the logical move.




Consider yourself quoted!

But I actually agree - Sony went rogue with the PS3 and now find themselves in the same boat as the developers were when it was the next-gem console. Just too damn hard & time consuming to develop for.