Survival Game Discussion and Recommendations

I am going to be getting into one of these soon. Out of all the… whatever genre this is… which is the cream of the crop, the silver cloud rolls royce?

H1Z1 doesn’t look awful, DayZ (the mod, not the standalone) has always been a staple, 7 Days to Die is pretty quality and constantly being updated, pick your poison :wink:

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Ai pretty much had that spot on. Here’s the information I can give based on what I know(mind you I haven’t played most of these, just going from heresay)

H1Z1 - probably the biggest production budget and currently holds the most promise for a polished game. Although the future plans for f2p may make the game a KoS fest, and annoying to play. And DGC is working very hard to clean up hacking.

DayZ - A more tactical version of H1Z1(albeit released before H1Z1) with gullies suits, more military style gameplay. However from my knowledge it’s full of hackers and the development team doesn’t work very fast in the way of updates. It doesn’t look as if the graphics are as polished either.

7 Days to Die - haven’t heard or seen to much about this one, although from the small amount I have heard, it’s a decently fun game. Don’t know much in the way of development.

Rust - One of the more popular crafting survival games out there. Rust has recently been updated and the graphics have been given an overhaul. Amazing base building mechanics and crafting, but no where near completion. The development team is pretty small and the updates don’t come as often as one would hope. But I’ve been considering picking it up just for the lawls.

Hopefully this may help out a little bit @Nubhugs, you could also look into another crafting survival super early in its development(although released on steam) called Stranded Deep.

Edit: Not trying to plug myself here, but if you want to check out H1Z1 and talk with me in person hugs I stream it pretty much every night on twitch. Channel is Invaderdoom. I’ll get you in the Raidcall if you have any questions.

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Thanks @invaderdoom. I think H1Z1 really looks promising. I don’t understand if it is going to be f2p why are they charging twenty dollars for it? How is this acceptable? :confused:

Well the reason it’s $20 is because it’s in Early Access right now. It’s a testing phase, and if they charge 20 for it, that prevents a Flux of not serious players coming into the game and ruining it by hacking. They ban hackers accounts right now so essentially wasting 20 bucks. Honestly though I’ve been playing it for over 60 hours now and I’m nowhere near done with it. Even if I quit playing on f2p launch I will have gotten my money’s worth. Also, f2p is not even close(don’t quote me on that just going by development progress) so it’s safe to bet you would get some time before that happens.

For note: I’ve played a fair bit of this one. A large bonus to it is the random generation of terrain. The survival elements are heavily-focused on (hunger, thirst, stamina, health, diseases, threat of turning) and the crafting system is robust as well (a wide variety of recipes, some that have to be discovered or found in schematics, and requiring a tech progression of sorts with forges and such). There’s even a cooking system. Graphics aren’t AAA but they’re also not offensively bad. It’s also the only survival-esque game I’ve played where the zombies actually felt like a pretty legitimate threat. They are super-fast and stronger in the dark and often roam in packs (like, 30-50 walking around in no particular direction) as well as alone. This game has also seen a ton of updates since it was greenlit on Steam, more than most titles in my opinion.

Keep in mind that DayZ stand alone is still in development…

Ahh yes, I forgot about that. I’ve actually never played DayZ but I know a lot of people that do so I was unsure of the state of the game development wise.

The standalone is still largely regarded as poop, from my understanding. The mod is pretty legit though.

Thanks for the information Auth. Now it sounds like a game I wanna try :smiley:

7 Days to Die looks interesting.

I know myself, @Biff_Tannen, and @PreshusKitty (at a minimum) own the title if you find yourself want for company :wink:

Bar none, this game consistently delivers to me the most stressful first night of any survival game I’ve played.

Is it open multiplayer world or just you and your friends?

Either or; you can hop on a server or host a private game for solo or friend-only play.

Nice, I’ll give it some thought. Just picked up Darkest Dungeon the other day so I’m not ready to hop into another game.

I still think a dedicated server might be coming into view in a thousand or so members.

Something relatively small like 128GB ram, a TB of SSD or 4, 16 cores…you get the idea…modest.

I would love to get a Strats Rust team going. I’ve seen so many funny moments in Rust.

It’s one of those games you get for the luls it seems.

Considering the full frontal, that game was built for lulz.

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The recent updates have breathed new life into Rust for me. I’ve been playing it again recently and having a ton of fun.