SW:Battlefront PS4



I’ll be on tonight around 8pm-ish CST. Would like to do Fighter Squadron at least some, then hop into the other game modes. I haven’t bought any star cards with my credits yet, so I may need a minute to figure that out.


I should be on tonight playing.


OK, gotta figure out how the party to partner system works. I’ve heard things.


It works great. My wife and I have been using it for the past few days.


Can we have like 8 people in a PSN party be on the same team in an appropriately sized match? That’s what I’m hoping for.


Now that would be pretty cool - coordinated fighter squadrons?! Sign me up.


I pinged @teh_ninjaneer, he’ll join us from the wasteland.


I’m not sure how that works. We may be limited to 4 people, which I’m basing purely on the UI having 4 boxes in the bottom right. Could be wrong.


picked it up. have not played it yet. will enable PS4 online play tomorrow but it’s my birthday and I suspect I am going to a friend of a friend’s distillery and probably not going to be playing PS4 (Or probably shouldn’t be knowing what kind of train wreck drunk online stuff is.)