Sword Coast Legends Head Start First Impressions



I know some here are interested in this game possibly so here’s my first impressions:

As player: Gameplay was good from my perspective, though nothing outstanding. As a dungeon crawl it’s not bad. Reminds me a lot of Neverwinter Nights single player. Dialogue/quest options seem limited at this point, though it was an early access thing–release is only a couple weeks away. You either accept quests or not, there’s no multiple options. There’s no multistep dialogue either. Though you can have a conversation end, then start another with the same npc after first ends by clicking on npc again. I did not play any multiplayer run by a DM. This may enhance things quite a bit, since built in dialogue/quest options are so limited.

As a DM: tileset, object and creature sets are all fairly nice though could use a few more options. The ability to randomly generate a dungeon level and then modify it are well done. Dialogue and quest options, as noted above, are weak. Pretty much only binary options throughout. No choices other than yes/no as far as I can tell. There is little flair you can add for self-run campaigns. You finish a quest and there’s not much to it other than “Quest Finished” or “Module Finished.” I didn’t even see rewards pop up upon completion as a player though I know I did receive items in my inventory.

All in all, unless this is run by a DM live, I don’t see the game being that much fun. I’d rather play Pillars of Eternity solo, or Diablo 3 with friends. Here’s hoping they address some of this. Perhaps @Wayward has some differing thoughts.


The DM stuff sounds like it could be pretty amazing if fleshed out properly. It would be really cool to create a full quest and dungeon with dialogue and everything. Though from what you said it doesn’t seem to be too robust. I would want complex if this, then that type choices.


Exactly. They need something more robust if they want any serious play with this


It was stated by NSpace that only about 50% of the existing options (tile set, creature sets, etc.) were made available for the head start.

As for quest and dialog options, you can write your own dialog and set your own custom quest parameters


Guess those first impressions were bad for other players as well. Launch just got pushed back to October 20th.


This is a good sign imo. I’d rather the delay than a bad start that ends up turning off half its user base. I’ll be watching to see if they have another beta/headstart or two between now and then.