Swords & Wizardry Fridays!


Swords and Wizardry is perhaps the simplest Tabletop RPG to get into. The rules are straightforward and easy to learn. I will be hosting weekly games online using roll20.net and i hope you can all join me!

So if you are a tabletop veteran or completely new to the genre and want to play with Strats & Co, have epic/legendary battles with man, mer and dragons then post here and come kick some goblin ass!

I will be the DM (dungeon master) and we will be using ROLL20.NET which is FREE. I have a membership which allows me to make some AWESOME campaigns and have unlocked all the cool stuff for my players! In other words only i need to have a sub for you guys to enjoy the full spectrum of the campaign!

The way it works is as follows: We all get on mumble on Friday night (day can change or it can be multiple days etc) i post the roll20 link in mumble and all you have to do is click it to enter our fantasy world!

The rule book you need to read is FREE and given our by the developers as a gift!!! So nothing illegal


(you might get confused at first reading the book so all you got to do is talk to me! i will explain it all. Just remember this is the only pdf you need to read to play the game!)

This PDF will explain everything you need to know for the game! Characters will be premade (at least until we all learn the game well) so no worries on how to make a hero! Also any questions etc you might have either PM me or get on mumble and we can chat about the game/mechanics/rules or anything else.

Prerequisites: You need to stay in character when you play your guy (only when you play as your hero!! You don’t have to pretend you are sir stabalot when we are talking to each other about non in game actions!!! When you ask me for example something about a rule while we are playing you dont need to say thee!!) also don’t be an asshole!

EXAMPLE of village: https://app.roll20.net/join/406235/NFXCBQ
top right yo ucan choose to change maps and you can see a battle against vocino the orc!


So it begins…count me in!


Sounds fun. I’d be interested in trying it out and seeing how i like it.


Intrigued…but not sold yet. :smile: I’ll take a look at the PDF.

EDIT: Wow that PDF is a book!!


HAH! if you think thats a book you need to se my collection of vampire the dark ages:D dozens of books