SWTOR Anybody?

I am wondering if anyone plays SWTOR. I have not been playing for months but the expansion comes out soon and I anticipate I will at least go back to look at new content. I have found the raiding to be challenging and fun in the past and I miss raid healing which I am not getting in my current obsession of Destiny.

My wife recently started getting into SWTOR. Maybe I should get into it again.

Do you have toons? Which side and what level?

If you are looking for an mmo we always need healers in AA!

What makes AA better than others? I tried Wildstar and thought the fighting system was cool but it got boring fast (maybe bc I had no one to game with). I am always a bit suspect mmo’s since old WoW days.

Hard to explain. But its F2P. Join us on mumble and find out yourself:D

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Actually now that @Majordomo mentions it, ArcheAge is probably the perfect replacement for SWTOR.

New here but I play SWTOR. I play both sides. Dps on pub and tank and agent on imp side.

I used to play. May play again with the expansion

In my opinion there are a few things that set ArcheAge apart from most other games.

The Classes

The biggest for me is the class building mechanic. There are 10 skill sets available, of which the player can choose any combination of three that they wish and use any combination of abilities available in those skill sets to build their own unique class. And while of course some combinations are more effective than others, and thus more common, I like the option to build any way I choose.

For a better look at what I’m describing you can go here to see the available skills and how they play off of one another when combined.

The PvP

Another of my favorite things about ArcheAge is the freedom you have in PvP. Once you leave a protected zone you are fair game for anyone who might want to see you dead, this includes members of the same faction (These attacks will come after a friendly player’s nameplate goes from green to purple, so at least you have some indicator that they plan to attack)
I like this mechanic for the freedom it gives you, in many other games if a member of your own faction is acting like a dick, stealing mob kills you need, or stealing resource nodes, you just have to grin and bear it, or resort to verbal abuse. In ArcheAge they allow you to kill that bastard for stealing your iron, or team up against a large guild in your own faction that’s ruining the fun for everyone else etc.

The Ships

Another unique aspect of this game is the ability to build your own ship, or to help your guild build a fleet of ships. The ships come in a few, different, varieties and give you a whole new part of the game to explore, the open seas. In the sea you can find treasure, rare ore, The Kraken, and many players who want to kill you and take what you have or that you want to kill to take what they have. Which brings me to the another unique part of this game.

Trade Packs

While there are a TON of options for crafting in this game, I’ll just talk about this one since it is the most fun in my opinion. In certain parts of the world there are specialty work benches, at these work benches you can craft unique items that can only be crafted at that specific work bench and nowhere else in the world. When you complete the crafting you receive the item in a large pack on your back. Now you can take a hike, hop on a donkey and go for a ride, or get on a ship to hit the see, even load up a Merchant Ship with about 20 of them (if you have the crew to protect them from pirates.) and from there you take the pack to a trader who deals in Gold, Gilda Stars (a special currency) or rare crafting materials that can be used for crafting items or sold for a profit.

What makes this fun is that anything can happen when moving tradepacks, you could be ambushed by someone and killed for your tradepack, even friendly players might change their tone when they see you with something valuable on your back. It makes for a good adventure, especially when taking a risk and heading over to the enemy continent on a ship.

So those are my reasons for liking ArcheAge more than most MMOs. It’s unique and sandboxy, allowing you to create your own fun. If you’d like to know more about it, join us in mumble and in game.


Great write up.