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So there’s a new SWTOR expansion pack out today called Fallen Empire.

Plot summary

So… sometime after the Invasion of Ziost, the Eternal Empire of Emperor Valkorion enters into the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, and led by its princes Arcann and Thexan, the Eternal Empire decimates both the Republic and the Sith. Players awake from carbonite five years after the galaxy has fallen to the Eternal Empire, with the Republic and the Sith Empire having all but collapsed, and must gather new and old companions and take the fight to the Eternal Empire as an “Outlander.”

If you’ve played SWTOR, this expansion picks up after the original storyline but from what I can see doesn’t really carry it further—it stands on its own.


Here’s what I can find as far as specific changes:

  • Level cap raised from 60 to 65
  • New storyline with new voice acting etc along the lines of the previous SWTOR storyline
  • New cinematics that are supposed to be really nicely done
  • The original storylines have been optimized for each of the original classes. They removed a lot of the grinding parts to max level so you can focus on the story and get to end game.
  • option to create a level 60 character!

With the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, all of the original eight Class stories will be enhanced, allowing for a faster and more engaging playthrough for new and veteran players. Additionally, many of our existing Flashpoints and Operations are being scaled to 60+, giving you many more Elder Game options at Level 65.

Strats Republic or Strats Empire

I’ve always wanted to get back into this game and give it a shot. It’s free and the expansion looks pretty promising for the time-strapped player like myself. I’m going to give it a shot and see where it lands.

If there’s enough interest, maybe we’ll create a guild. Anyone else interested in SWTOR?


Guild strongholds

There’s an awesome mechanic in SWTOR similar to what we saw in GW2 called Strongholds. They’re essentially guild halls that you can customize.

As the war between the Empire and the Republic rages, the galaxy’s greatest heroes have expanded their influence by acquiring STRONGHOLDS, customizable bastions of personal luxury. In a bid for power, these heroes must join together to launch their own GUILD FLAGSHIPS and conquer planets across the galaxy.

Customize and expand your Strongholds to show off the power of your Legacy in the new Free-to-Play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Expansion, GALACTIC STRONGHOLDS.


Is there a Strats group going strong in SWTOR?
I have been somewhat interested in how the new expansion would be


I picked up SWTOR again when the new xpac launched. So far I love the changes. I made a new character and am nicely on my way to 65. So far I can usually get through a planet in a sitting now that I am past the first 20 levels. A sitting for me is usually about 2-3 hours. The story quests (marked in purple) make the game much more fun than in the past. I hated having to grind out the same old quests for new characters but now it seems much more exciting. You land on a planet, kick some ass and get some story and move on to the next. No more “Hey you! Go shoot these womp rats just because I’m lazy!” I now feel like I am actually on a mission or in my own adventure.

If we make a guild I’m in. I do have some Empire toons (lvl 50 BH and some 20’s Siths) if we go that route. But for now I am playing Jedi Sentinel (lvl 28) mainly because I never gave the Republic a shot. I will probably sub back up if we get a group going. Otherwise my preferred status hasn’t really affected me yet.

Also, I am very excited to get to the new xpac content. A friend of mine says it is really well thought out and exciting. We will see!


If i decided to get back into this game, which is a BIG if, all of my characters are on republic side. Also, i’ll have to check if the free to play is any good cause last time i check it was really limiting. But i’ll be watching this channel and seeing if anything comes from this. I’ll have to re-download the game and find out what server i am on.


I don’t suppose it’s possible to have a guild that has both Sith and Repbulic characters?


Well… here is the deal with that. Last i checked you couldn’t have Sith and Republic characters on the same server. So, with that if we wanted to have a Republic and a Sith we would need two different servers and the guilds would be entirely separate from each other.

I’m speaking from very old knowledge so if this is changed please correct me.


I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure they chnaged that.


Well i was trying to reload the game but i’m getting an error with the launcher and it wont let me continue so i can’t tell ya what server i’m on.


Milez on Wheelz tipped me off to this post!

There were some patch errors this morning. They should all be resolved now, but if you’re getting any kind of errors you can try a launcher repair. This url has a repair tool for the new launcher, and should solve any issues with patching. Just drop it in the same folder as your games .exe and launcher are in before running the repair.

Kotaku also has a pretty nice review on the new expansion.

The game’s subreddit is also a good source of information (much less toxic environment than the official forums – just be wary of spoilers in there, if you’re in it for the story)

The FTP/Preferred account limitations are a little restrictive, and certainly encourage you to subscribe, but I don’t think it’s anything too atrocious. Preferred accounts are unlocked by spending about $5. It’s also worth pointing out that the expansion’s new story content (which is by far the best in the game) isn’t accessible without subscribing for one month - although you retain access to this story even after your subscription ends.

There are no faction restrictions on any servers, and there’s even a little legacy achievement now if you play through Act’s 1-3 on all eight class stories. I’ve been subscribed and playing since launch, with 18 characters (16 of which are level 55 or higher) across both factions on Ebon Hawk and the quality of life changes introduced with this expansion really make it feel like a whole new game.


Thanks for this but it didn’t fix the problem. Not even sure what the problem is cause i’m not getting a error identification just that there is one.


I had an unspecified error this morning and that repair utility fixed it right up for me, so I was hoping you’d have the same luck.

Deleting the .version files might force it into a self-repair, although that would also force you to re-download those files before playing if that works. Or you could just try uninstalling and re-downloading the whole game, if you don’t mind the wait. It’s certainly a pain with such a large game, but the launcher uses a streaming download that will let you log in and play on any of the starter planets after a brief initial download. That might also be enough for you to decide if you want to keep playing, or stop the download and uninstall again!

There might also be some instance of someone with the same problem having found a solution on the swtor subreddit, or official forums. Although searching for that might be difficult, if it isn’t telling you what the error is.


This is how Poosh must feel coming back :smiley:

Definitely not dead lol


Hey @Poosh, great to see you again!


Well put, Milez. I’ve been lurking and getting my weekly strats digest, waiting for someone to mention swtor.


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As much as I hate myself for supporting BioWare since they brought out this crap instead of a new KOTOR game… I think I may just have to check out the new expansion. I really need a Star Wars fix while I wait for the movie to come out.


If anyone is considering SWTOR right now is a pretty good time. If you subscribe there is a 12x exp boost for main story quest. A friend told me he hit level cap in a couple of days of grinding main stories. As for how we would integrate Strats into swtor that I don’t know. If you subscribe you also get the new expansion automatically, correct me if I’m wrong. Oh yeah subscribers also get a free lvl 60 character even if none of their characters are at 60 yet.


Since this thread has died down a bit I might as well give an update.

So far I have reached lvl 40 with my new Jedi Sentinel. The new style of story quests its amazing! They pretty much eliminated all the grinding aspects most MMO’s have. If you really want to you can go grind away, but they aren’t required to reach the planets lvl cap. So they didn’t lie about that. Oh, and I have some news…

I subbed up this morning and I’m looking forward to playing with those who pick SWTOR back up! It feels like a whole new game, I’m so happy I finally have an MMO to keep me busy. :smiley:


I also redownloaded, resubbed and started playing swotor again yesterday. Like Milez i really like it so far (played a sentinel till lvl10), no grinding just follow the story. What’s also nice is that every companion can be tank,dps or heal so you can stick to one you like and not have to take another because you need a tank.