SWTOR gotten better?


So. I haven’t played SWTOR for about 6 months now but my Army buddy today told me it has gotten a lot better (minus all the pay to win stuff he tried to sell me on). He told me you can actually do PVP in a fighter now. Has it really gotten better?


Galactic Starfighter was the most recent free expansion that was released just a few months ago, and lets you pilot one of four ship classes (Scout, Fighter, Bomber, and Sniper). It’s currently got two game modes (Deathmatch and capture satellites) and three or four maps. You can start playing from level 1, too (Unlike warzones that require level 10)

A benefit of the game being free to play now means you can pop in and check it out without dropping any cash on a subscription. Free to play and Preferred accounts (previous subscribers) are allowed to play 5 or so starfighter matches a week, I think. the same goes for warzones, and operations. You can purchase passes from the in-game store if you’d like to access more of just one type of content.

Player housing and guild capital ships were also just announced recently, with subscriber early access starting next month, and preferred/ftp access coming shortly after. That will feature some PvE elements, like conquering planets for your guild and earning decorations for your house from boss kills.


preordered and cleared most of the raid content when it came out. I would suggest it to everyone so they can get that staw wars experience but nothing i would sub again. The free to play but pay to play it all is bull imho and i will never play it again. But once again if you have not then 100% go for it.


I’m looking at you, Hellgate: London.


hellgate london what a HUGE fail. so sad had high high hopes.


Honestly, I had a lot of fun for quite a while with it. Then came the exclusive content…


I reinstalled SWTOR today. :astonished: