[SWTOR] Strats & Co (Light+Dark Guilds)



Strats & Co is back in Star Wars: The Old Republic! We are playing on the Harbinger realm with our primary being Light side.

About the Guild

Our new SWTOR Light-side guild, StratsCo, is now active and established. At some point, when there’s enough interest, we’ll throw up a mirror Dark-side version.

The guild follows the standard Strats ruleset (read the FAQ).

Right now our goal is to max out the XP bonus for both characters and the guild itself by recruiting active subscribers. The next goal will be to secure a stronghold.

Current XP Bonuses

  • Guild Reputation Bonus: +3.4%
  • Guild Experience Bonus: +8.4%

Help us get there!

Guild Merge Opportunities

Do you have a small SWTOR guild already? If you’re interested in merging with us, you’ll have full access to our forum, mumble server, and all other Strats services.

Leadership Opportunities

Have a history of SWTOR experience? We’re looking for additional leadership to reestablish our presence in the game. Please reply with your interest and let’s discuss.

Table of Contents

Joining the Guild

Create or transfer your character to The Harbinger realm (PVE).

The best way to join is to connect to Mumble or Discord and ask someone to invite you.

Unfortunately, you must be online to receive an invite so there’s a bit of coordination involved. Everyone in the guild has the power to invite more members though so it should become less of a hassle as we grow.


Good contacts are:

Or me. We’ll help you jump in the game and get set up.


Recruiting and inviting is open to everyone in the guild. Please feel free to invite others.

Also, please help get the word out by upvoting our recruitment posts: https://goo.gl/Xh8xgF

Strats SWTOR guild
Knights of the Fallen Empire – Anarchy in Paradise Teaser “Firebrand”
Hola! im xLadyinRedx
Have you ever had a subscription to SWTOR? Please help your fellow Strategists!

Have you ever been a SWTOR subscriber? Help us out!

Even if you have no intention of being active in SWTOR right now, you can help the StratsCo guild! If you’ve ever been a subscriber you have preferred status and can contribute to the boosting of our guild XP bonus.

Please follow this guide, it’s 100% free, and will help out your fellow Strategists.

  1. Reinstate your account by following this here link to swtor.com. This gives me (the guildmaster) your referral credit for bringing you back to the game which will generate credits to get a guild stronghold.

  2. Download and install the game (I know, sorry).

  3. Create a character on The Harbinger realm if you don’t have one already.

  4. Notify one of the current SWTOR guild members that you are signed in and ready for an invite (you must be online). Any member can invite you to the guild. The best way to do this is via either Mumble or Discord since one of us will have to sign in and /ginvite you.

Thank you very much! All of us in the SWTOR guild appreciate it.


Help with Recruitment

Do your part, Strategist. There are a few things you can do even if you’re not in the guild and more if you’re in.

If you’re not in the guild…

  1. then make sure you upvote our recruitment posts on reddit each week: https://goo.gl/Xh8xgF

If you are in the guild…

  1. then ABR (Always Be Recruiting).

  2. post the occasional recruitment message in General chat. Here’s one you can riff off of:
    Returned to SWTOR? Us, too! <StratsCo>, an anti-toxic gaming community is back in SWTOR in a big way. Voice-comms, forums, Twitch team, and friendly mature gamers await you. PST or visit Strats.co to join!

  3. remember that all guild members can use /ginvite to invite new members. Use it liberally as we are in this growth phase!


What’s New in SWTOR?

Remember how much fun you had playing KOTOR back in the day? The new SWTOR expansion is a lot like that.

It’s called Knights of the Fallen Empire and it has chapters, new content (both single player and raid), as well as a lot of new items.

For Returning Subscribers

If you’re a returning subscriber, there are a few perks available to you. You can sign up for free and test out the new chapter of the expansion. You can also make a fresh level 60 character and skip all the stuff you did before. You get a bankroll of credits to spend, too!

Step into your own Star Wars™ story in Chapter 1, “The Hunt” - ON US!

Create your new Level 60 character now and jump right in!

Experience a return to BioWare-style storytelling.

Confront a powerful new enemy, The Eternal Emperor.

Make choices that matter and recruit Companions into your Alliance.

Subscribe at any time to continue your saga - Knights of the Fallen Empire is free for Subscribers!

There’s currently a great deal that @GuardianX pointed out on Amazon:

This allows you to get everything for $40 and jump-starts your experience. You can skip your characters to high level or experience the stories of each class without worry about xp or grinding.


Updated with guild XP bonus numbers. I’ll update as we grow.


Updated XP bonuses! Go TEAM!