Tabletop RPG online idea!


I have been DM (dungeon master) for several years running mostly Vampire the masquerade/dark age games and i have always toyed with the idea of starting an online group utilizing software that replicates the tabletop rpg rules and playing over mumble. The main problem with tabletop rpgs (in person) is the logistics. Someone cant make the drive or they have something important to do etc etc and some times great games just fall apart. If its online its easier to role play and get together! If you would be interested post here and if we get 4+ we can run a trial scenario and see how it works out.


Cool idea. Let me know if there’s any tech that I might be able to setup, deploy, or build that would help.


There is a program out in steam called fantasy grounds and it costs 30 $$ but nothing other than that. Very little tech in the tabletop department.



New business plan…


whoever comes out with website + programs will be super rich (hire me)


Wait, there is a platform to accomplish this already…

Have you guys looked into this at all?


This looks better than the other one on Steam.


I spent several years stationed in Japan and managed to run my assorted table top RPGs online, so it’s definitely doable. I used a shared folder and Hamachi along with a series of forum threads to pass files and written communications to my players. Rather than using software, my group operated on the honor system for dice rolls and we used a free online whiteboard (I think it’s been taken down :frowning:) with grid feature to upload maps. Everyone on the whiteboard used a different color so we could distinguish who was making which marks.

I also built a few maps in Minecraft and had players log into a creative server where I’d laid everything out. Aside from a few LoS calls I had to make because of Minecraft’s blockness, it worked great and did wonders for the immersion. The floor was done up checkerboard-style with colored wool and we used the assorted heads available to represent various NPCs, stacking them on as many blocks as needed to adequately represent height and such.

Edit: Pic of the boards to one of our campaigns