Tabletop Simulator


Tabletop Simulator:

Hundreds of mods and you can virtually simulate all rpgs/tabletops/card games. its 13$ right now on steam with the summer sale. I would love to be able to play with you guys! D&d, vampire the masquerade even normal card games etc. Who would be up for this?

edit: did i mention poker night is possible?


i’ve been kinda eyeballing this thing for a few weeks now. definitely seems interesting. i’d like to check out d&d or even warhammer if there are mods like that for this. i’m going to do a little research on the mods.


Do you to buy the games seperately?


It would be fun to get us all in mumble playing some tabletop game.


Oh, wow. This is awesome!

I’d definitely watch a Team Strats event like this.

I saw someone using Tabletop Simulator last night to stream Cards Against Humanity + it looks like it runs great!


Let the record show roll20 is an amazing, free option for table-top RPG’s. I’ve been watching Table Top simulator for a long time and while it’s kinda nifty, I don’t feel it’s nearly as functional as roll20 for RPG’s; just my two cents :wink:


Also much of roll20’s stuff looks like free or low cost user content, where tabletop seems to have a lot of WoC support but modules are fairly costly.

For all that I haven’t decided yet, been looking at both for a couple months. Be nice to have a group that went with one or the other.


tabletop sim is more immersive i think. plus less work for the game master

edit: i ll get it if 2 more get it as well and are willing to work with me on getting to know how it works


I’m not real familiar with tabletop games, but if you get it going I’ll give it a try.


Can confirm, Roll20 user. You can pay to get some added bonuses (which are quite useful) but I haven’t the time or money to test them out.
Regardless, the free stuff is enough to play an RPG online with, and imo, it really depends on the group playing for it to be a good time.

Whatever happens and is decided I’m on board. @Majordomo, if you’re giving it a shot, I’m in.


Roll20 is a pretty good tool for that as well. edit: what they said…


if we get one more person than we are good to go. We can test this coming friday/sat/sunday.


I’m down. What game would we play?


on mumble gona get it now and test it we can try a few different ones


Did the tutorial
controls are amazing
almost no loading times
thousands of games (catan, d&d, battlestar, doom, pathfinder)
custom backgrounds are amazing (play cards under water why not?)
flipped the table.
graphics are amazing
zoom options, flipping objects over, very clear controls and visuals
10/10 cant wait fro you guys to join in the fun


Sorry I’m a day late.
Game is got. Can stack objects, and play chess until 3am.
11/10 Can’t wait to lose versus you guys.


One nice thing about roll20 is that it does video conferencing which would be great for Strats streaming.