Taking a break for a while

Hey guys, I just wanted to say I might not be on a lot/ at all for a while. I have some minor carpal tunnel pain in my wrist and It seems to flair up after sessions of console gaming. Since I’m on a computer all day at work I need my hands so I’m gonna give console gaming a break for maybe a month or so. Just wanted to let you all know. I’ll be back in the future but I might not be very active for a while. It’s been fun!

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NOOOOOOOOO!!! This makes me sad in my heart!! Rest up, do those stretches, and when you come back, hopefully I will be high enough level that we can finally do the raid together.

Health is number one. Get well soon… just be sure to be back in time for the expansion!

Loken!?!?! What will happen if the bring salvage back the dream team is dead! Seriously though hope you heal fast and can come back soon. I’d be down for some slow moving patrols if you get bored :slight_smile:

Hope the carpal tunnel pains subside and you do not need any type of procedures. Feel better soon L0ken!

Thanks guys I hope I can get back in soon.

Could just be tendonitis, if your pain is mainly located on the top of your wrist, this may be the case. Lots of ice Tylenol for pain and naproxen for inflammation, only if you are not allergic to either. Use a brace for support.

Good luck