Taming a Quetzalcoatlus and we ACED IT



@Auth and I managed, by sheer luck, to get this guys to drop out of the air and land inside one of our bases. Mind you we were flying in the air with me driving and him being carried in my bird’s talons, shooting a crossbow. Epic.


pro shot


grats guys :slight_smile:


Went out Quetz taming again last night. Why yes, that is a 112 Quetz unconscious on the back of a tamed Quetz with the platform saddle. @Philspaz flew Mega Ultra Chicken while I pumped that thing full of tranq arrows, remarking that he was going to try to catch it when I knocked it out. He did; get on his level :wink:

In other news: TIL if you dismount your Quetz and wander around on the platform while it hovers, it will regen stamina. Because reasons :wink:


man I love this game


darn good catch Phil


That sounds so epic.


A new challenger has appeared:

@Zniri shot this thing down and dropped it on top of a tree. We then hovered on my Quetzal to feed it all the kibble and narcotics it could eat :wink:


the ultimate tree hugger


What are we looking at here?


A dino that we knocked out in mid air that fell directly onto a tree’s hitbox.


Well than… that’s pretty cool


the VERY cool part that we nglected to mention is that with it being in a tree it means the sabertooths and other nasties cant eat the unconscious dino


That’s very true. This tree was on the mountain face across the river from Rock Base: the only place these bastards seem to fall when tranqed and (seemingly) the highest concentration of shit that wants to eat your downed dino. We started hunting this one at Red Beacon, FFS!


so what you’re saying is you need me to log in and build tree houses that cover the football field sized area they usually drop? when in the world are they going to put nets in the game, I’d make a net before I’d make a fabricator…


Going to try and build a tree house