Tanking Guide



In my own journey to ensure I am an amazing tank, and to help take the guild many places, I stumbled upon something nice.

This tanking guide was posted on reddit today and is a great starting point for tanks. Check it out. It breaks down all 3 classes that can tank, why they are good, what they can do, ect.

Lets kick some ass and take some names!


Here’s another one. This one is slightly more opinionated and bias.


Good information to have as i’ll most likely be rolling up a tank.


Good to hear @Diacuss. We will need probably 3 tanks for 20 mans, and 4 for 40 mans. I’m rolling a Warrior tank, and I hope we get some warriors as well as stalker and engineer tanks too.


Yeah i’m rolling stalker so i’m gonna try my hand at that kinda of tanking. Typically i do the paladin/warrior type of tank. Should be a good change for me.


It will be. I was a pally main tank in WoW from BC through WOTLK, so warrior is right up my ally. If you have any experience as a rouge tank, or seen rogue tanks that will be your reference. I look forward to running stuff with your ninja tank!


Awesome thread thanks for the info!


yeah great thread. i am definitely rolling engineer. was thinking of going dps, but after seeing this and other articles about engineer tanking, i might be focusing on tanking.


Good information, thanks :slight_smile: