Team Building and Talent Selection



A few days ago someone asked in Mumble when is the best time to take the Block talent. You’ll notice I deftly skip answering that question to discuss a broader topic: General talent selection.

For quick matches with pick-up-groups, talent selection isn’t all that important, in my opinion. It is likely best to build for maximum damage no matter what role you have selected. There’s no guarantee of what other team members you will get (I think once I actually did get 2 support 2 specialist 1 warrior/assassin).

However, when playing with other Strats members, you can select your heroes according to what talents compliment each other.

For example, some warriors (Johanna, Tyreal, Chen and Stitches) can choose the Amplified Healing talent for an additional 30% healing received. It might be a good idea to choose this if you are grouped with someone playing Li Li who can put out lots of healing. Li Li also has a talent where her Cloud Serpent attacks will heal the hero it is assisting (I assume Amplified Healing works for this as well; not fully tested).

If anyone knows of other heroes and talents that synergize together, please add them here.


Amplified healing is an interesting one because it increases heals from “all sources”. This includes self healing mechanisms such as Muradin’s passive, fountains, team heals, etc… As a result it is a very powerful skill for most heroes at the level it is selected.

I would say overall there seems to be more synergies within a specific hero build i.e. Lili building serpent build. For team comps it seems that unless you are speaking to the people you are playing with it is usually best to just have the best build for yourself rather than a “team build”. I would say an example is Tassadar force wall being very powerful in a coordinated team, but it drops off rapidly if your team doesn’t follow through and thus Archon gains solo-q utility. I’m really interested in seeing what other people have come across or come up with though!


It does affect self-healing yes, but Muradin doesn’t get the talent himself (not sure if you are implying he does or just using his passive as an example). Stitches does get it and he has a few self-healing abilities.


Besides team comp, another thing to consider is map. Spider queen where you are in lane mainly, would be good for Regeneration Master and Amplified healing. If will be more team fighting, especially split on something like the Dragon or Mines map where I’m not going to get many globes, I’d take block and first aid or equivalent.

Build also depends on how the match is going. If on a good roll and have a decent support, I’d go more dps, otherwise in solo, I adjust and go as defensive or self-sustain as much as possible if losing and/or can’t rely on teammates.


Great info in this thread. I’m level 25 now and can’t wait to get to 30 so I can start playing ranked matches. Further still, putting a team together sounds really fun (assuming we can keep it as fun as it currently is when the stakes are higher).


fyi, ranked teams need to have all members at level 40…at least that’s what i remember.

edit: to clarifty, there is Hero League which requires level 30 and Ranked Teams which requires level 40. Hero League can be queued up as a team, but you wont’ be ranked as a team. it works just like LoL.