Team Strats Destiny Launch - Party Chat



At Destiny launch i will be creating a Party chat on PS4 called Strats Destiny Clan. Feel free to join as soon as you get on to coordinate fire teams and to hang out and get to know your fellow Guardians! If you find 2 others to join with for activities all i ask is you make your own chat for your group of 3. That way the main chat will be open without people getting talked over and such. Please check in to the party chat when you log in!! I look forward to talking to you soon!


ummmmmmmmmmm. . . . . is this fairly self explanatory? Because I’ve never used PSN anything before.


What do you want to know @wayward?


just wondering if joining this PSN party chat is self explanatory because I’ve never used PSN


Yes it is easy. It’s one of the options on your tools bar.


From the XMB click over to Party the ICON looks like a headset. Once Droul sets up the chat, you’ll see the name of the room for example:TeamStrats.
Click the chat and you’ll be able to join.

It is pretty straight forward once you do it once.


Sounds good! I think some of us are PST so hopefully we can get on together without too much hassle. Anyone else digital?


Bump for visibility. Destiny is getting pretty big in this community so lets get to know each other!


I’m digital in PST too. I’ll hop on the party chat as soon as I finish my pre unlock power nap!


I’m so tempted…that 3am EST start time though. Ouch.

Have you pre-loaded successfully? It says it is downloaded but I am not familiar with the PS4 interface and have not been on my PS4 much to even allow ~20GBs to download.


If you leave the ps4 in standby mode (orange strip of light on top) then it downloads while you’re not using it too.

If there’s a countdown timer when you try to launch then you should be good to go, barring any day 1 patches.


I accidentally posted in the wrong thread, oops. Ignore this haha.


I do have the countdown timer so that’s good! I’ll leave it on standby when I get home today just in case.



The limit on number of people in a party chat is 8 so we are going to need to adjust for that limit. I will still make a Strats Destiny Clan chat but everyone should come in say hi and then hook up with your fellow clan mates and make your own party chat…its going to be tricky to accomodate everyone but at least its a start. I will also be wanting to play with a group so once i put one together i hope to be in with them for game play.


I’ll be on at 11:30 PST and looking to get right in and go since I’ll probably take my time designing my guardian haha