Teammates Wanted



Anyone interested in forming a team for BGs in ESO?
I’ve played a few BGs so far and they are a ton of fun, though they would be better still if we had a team.

So I’m looking for 3 more interested in doing some Battlegrounds.
Who’s in?


I would be 100% in on this.



any word on your PC?

also @Zharick @Derangedtaco
where you at?


I’ll be on Sunday night 6-10 PST, Monday and Tues night 5:30-10 PST.


I’ll have to see if they botched my StamSorc or not. Otherwise, I could just roll something else just for PvP.
GW2 been sucking my soul lately lol.


been a bit busy, and next week I’ll be in Costa Rica. after next week I should have more playtime.


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