teh_ninjaneer's TESO-tastic thread



With the recent resurgence of TESO in the Strats community, I thought it was time for me to step up and give everyone some insight into my style of gaming. This thread will cover my way of planning and building characters. It possibly won’t agree with yours and very likely won’t agree with the general population of the official TESO forums.

I am perfectly fine with this. Maybe it will spark some discussion and debate on our own forums.

So off we go.

Class Selection

The first thing to notice when building a character is that the four classes are listed in a 2x3 matrix (2 rows 3 columns). This leaves 2 open spots because during early testing there were at least 5, maybe 6, classes. One was named the Warden.

The next thing to realize is that when showing a class in “veteran armor”, the dragonknight and templar are shown in heavy armor, the sorcerer in light, and the nightblade in medium.

I should probably take a moment to explain that any class is fully capable of fulfilling any role (tank, support, deepz) in this game. Just because the templar has a couple heals does not make him the healer. Your role is defined by the weapon you wield. If you want to heal, equip a restoration staff. If you want to tank, use a shield.

So these veteran armors are not labeling roles for each class, they are describing what attribute is best for each class:

  • Heavy armor improves health regen, so dragonknights need to focus on health
  • Medium on nightblades for stamina
  • Light on sorcerers for magicka
  • Templar is different. I feel that second row would have been the three hybrid classes consisting of 2 combo attributes. Templar is the health/magicka combo.

So why are these attributes the best choice for each class?

  • Dragonknight has multiple skills that scale off max health
  • Several nightblade skills which cost magicka have a duration or are activated from stealth, meaning you can focus more on stamina-based attacks
  • Sorcerer has multiple skills that scale off max magicka and may need to cast spells often
  • I don’t think templars need stamina and I’m the one writing this

I don’t suggest putting all of your points into the preferred attribute, simply the majority. Find a ratio that works best for you.


I have also decided that certain weapons pair well with specific armor types.

  • Heavy armor - 1h+shield and 2handers. This is your tanking and crowd control setup. Tank
  • Medium armor - Bow and dual wield. Maximum physical carnage. Deepz
  • Light armor - Destro and resto staves. Primarily because you should have max magicka when wearing light armor. I feel like you’re hurting yourself if you try to pair a staff with a physical weapon. Support

Class Skills

Earlier I said that your weapon defines your role. And most players will mix-and-match class skills from each of the three trees in order to form their perfect build.

But not me.

I have decided that each of the three class trees are in fact perfectly suited for a specific role. There’s no need to pick-and-choose! Let’s do the rundown:


  • Ardent Flame - deepz, Scorpion pull, lots of fire
  • Draconic Power - tank, armor buff, reflect projectiles, heal based on % missing health
  • Earthen Heart - support, knockdown,stun, group damage shields


  • Daedric Summoning - tank, wards/shields, armor
  • Dark Magic - support, knockdown, stun, immobilize
  • Storm Calling - deepz, bonus weapon damage, lots of lightning


  • Assassination - deepz, bonus damage, bonus dodge
  • Shadow - support, reduce enemy damage, fear, stun
  • Siphoning - tank, lifesteal, stun, stam/magicka restore


  • Aedric Spear - deepz, close-range attacks, knockbacks, stamina buffs
  • Dawn’s Wrath - support, magicka-based damage and buffs/debuffs
  • Restoring Light - tank, heals and buffs that benefit the templar mostly

ninja’s final thoughts

Do you agree? Disagree? Think I’m blowing smoke and spent the time typing this just to amuse you? Sound off!


Just curious, why would a templar not put points in stamina? If one handed skills require stamina, wouldn’t you need a lot so you can keep swinging and getting hate as a tank?


You can always add stamina to your armor if you need some. Or just get some stamina regen. The taunts are time-based. When you taunt with Puncture from the 1h+shield line, it’s for a flat 15 seconds.

When I was building my Templar I think I split the points 3/3/1 Health/Magicka/Stam


My Templar is Magicka based as well. I go Sword and Board for max protection, but don’t use a lot of Stamina since I maxed out stamina reductions on blocking. My job with that character is to keep the party alive, so I can click heals while blocking, taking the occasional swipe with the sword just to get damage in. I’ve run this with random groups, and it has worked well. The tons of Magicka means I can spam heals when needed.


I have a lot to learn. Thanks @Rotaugen. I will stop putting points into Stam and do a big dump in magic. This is a very interesting way to play that I haven’t done before in a MMO


The new meta seems to be concentrate on either Magicka or Stamina for max effect. A lot of damage (and heals) are based on max magicka or stamina, with weapon power/spell power on others. I noticed a big difference on damage when I repecced my sorcerer to 2/3 Magicka. Crystal Shards seems to hit on average for about 9K, and can crit for over 12K. I use Force Pulse repeatedly until it procs to cast as an instant at 50% of normal magicka cost. Between that and ultimates, end up with a lot of DPS.
I ended up going mostly Magicka with the sorcerer and templar, Stamina with the Dragonknight and Nightblade. The stamina builds use the morphs on skills that convert some magicka abilities to stamina instead. The Nightblade’s Ambush from stealth hits for over 9K, and stuns, allowing the follow up of Rapid Strikes. That instakills anything with 12K health or less.