Ten Days to Evolve

With the upcoming release of Evolve on February 10th, I’ve decided to expand on my original post and break down some of the important aspects of Evolve. Every day I am going to create a new post and link it here so people can easily find things without overloading them with information. If you are on the fence about purchasing the game, confused about how it is played, or unsure which class you would like to be, hopefully this will help you some and get you to connect with other interested Strats members. So, let’s kick things off!

10 Days & Counting

  1. Assault Class
  2. Trapper Class
  3. Medic Class
  4. Support Class
  5. Monster: Goliath
  6. Monster: Kraken
  7. Monster: Wraith & Behemoth
  8. The “D” Word, Level System & Unlocks
  9. Modes, Maps & More!
  10. Launch!