Tera Rising


Anyone still playing Tera? I started it in January after a 2 year break from gaming, and then dropped it after a week. I just re downloaded though, because Archeage put me in a gaming mood. Plus, I realized that I had leftover real money points to burn.

Left off as a level 31.

Update: I have reeled Draco and Lithical into the game and we have started off fresh in the server Lake of Tears, come join us :slight_smile:


I’ve wanted to try Tera so if you’d be willing to wait for me or create a new character I’d totally be willing to play


Yea, i’ll create a new character, no problem. Truth be told, I logged back on and the battle system totally confused me haha


I’ll be home around 8:30 tonight (hour and a half from now) and I’ll download it then I’ll jump in



Where the fak are you bro, people are looking for you in-game and you aren’t here!