Terraria 1.3 is coming VERY soon



For those who don’t know, Terraria has been one of the most post-released supported games on Steam (also sporting an Overwhelmingly Possitive rating with nearly 80k reviews), and the new update is absolutely huge. The proposed release I last read was 30 June (tomorrow), so if you’re not in the Albion Summer Alpha, this might be a thing to check out :wink:

Hi im hyren, lets have fun!

i have Terraria, maybe buy it =)


The new update (as with all previous ones) is completely free to anyone who owns Terraria :wink:


I’d be down for hosting/streaming a Strats event if anyone else is interested in this. I rather enjoy my time playing Terraria, so maybe we can all create new characters, and spend a good chunk of time in a brand new world.

Either way, I’ll definitely be interested in seeing all the new features. The guys at ReLogic never fail to please in their updates.


I want to play this game…


Can we make our own server?


It appears yes.



Dear god, it requires Windows and it’s written in .NET. Forget that.


lol that’s a shame. It looks really neat.


Servers aren’t needed or conducive, honestly. You can get several people into a single game and jumping between worlds is needed to farm everything up. It’s better to have a home base world for yourself and jump into other worlds with one another to farm mats and fight bosses :wink: