Terraria Dedicated Server: PerCi8

We now have a dedicated server for Terraria powered with Google Fiber Speeds!!!

Will you be the first explorer to find the ancient ruins of an underwhelmingly advanced clan of ninjas long lost?

…The answer is no…
…because Dynamible already found it.


The server is hosting a vanilla, large, EXPERT world plagued by corruption (with a few added bonuses, no mods though). We are currently trying to contain and purify the corruption :sadgumball:
Join us as we explore and build our way to new heights and claim victory over our oppressive alien and demonic overlords.

##For access, just ask in the comments or shoot me a PM… either or :vulcan:

##Port: 7777
##PW: Message me or ask below

##Terraria Daily News

So far so good!! The guild hall is up, we’ve got some new players and got some lootz. As of this update the Slime King, the Eye of Cthulhu, and the Wall of Flesh are down. If you missed these boss fights fret not, we have plenty of their summoning items stored away for you to farm.

  • As far as containment goes, @PreshusKitty has been kickin over some really helpful knowledge.


Awesome! Thanks for making this. I’m exited to play. Send me them details!

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Excellent use of Google Fiber.

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WTB details pretty please

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I’ve been told to come here for phat lootz.

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Why was there never this much interest when I wanted to host a Starbound server.


I tried playing Starbound with you guys when you did that. I just didn’t like it as much, it was confusing. Not that this isn’t either.


@Wheatception notice me I’m in your chat box.

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I did… sempai please…

Bump for shares and upvotes… no shame.

terrariaservers sub-reddit

##And update number 2

We are in Hardmode!! So… hope we got it. Right now our main concerns should be containing the Hollowed and the Corruption.

  • This is a great guide that I used to understand how to properly contain a certain infestation.

The Druid is probably going to be your best friend for a little bit…

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How do I Terraria?

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dig a hole 7 wide from the surface to hell and the corruption/crimson/hollow cant jump it
buy clentaminator from steampunker for 2 plat. buy tons of green solution (removes corruption/crimson/hallow)
spray all the everything, repeat as necessary
first and foremost protect your jungle

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はい :ok_hand: プレシス猫さん。

Oh gosh… so much has happened since I last logged in & to think I didn’t have a clue back then. I was either digging wherever or building a wall to the sky.

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OMG :joy: that wall though

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Part of why I am not actually playing is because you have a lot of newbies who are having fun experiencing their game at their own pace and I don’t want to show up and powergame everyone xD Terraria is great, take your time, have fun :3
But I am available for information or help if anyone has any questions lol

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Can I have pass? Ty!


Hey hey hey @Hwu!! Of course you can. All you gotta do is post an introduction in our, well… Introduction category :sweat_smile:.

  • This link should get you started with everything you might need to know on our forum rules and how to guides.

  • Once your introduction is posted I will send you a PM through our forum with the Terraria dedicated server’s password.

Hope to see you in game soon :strats_green:


Thank you @Wheatception!

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Can I have a pass?