Terrarria Anyone?


With the recent additions and mechanic changes including controller support I’ve decided to load up my old palace and start a new world. Anyone wanna come along?


I’ve never given it a spin. What’s it like?


Well, I’ve heard it described as an adventure based 2d clone of Minecraft. I like it because it is easily modible though. If you ever get tired of crafting you can play any number of player made adventure maps like The Legend of Zelda - A Link to Terraria.


it is a lot of fun
people have compared it to minecraft, but unlike minecraft there are different conditions to meet to spawn series of boss mobs
rather than an endless world you keep exploring you have a finite world with finite resources and a type of taint that will spread if you dont keep it under control xD
the fun of this game is making multiple worlds and raiding them for resources as there are two types of taint and several versions of the different tiers of metal
lost of neat armor and upgrade accessories as well as little pets (that do nothing) to follow you around for funsies
special seasonal bosses as well
I really enjoy terraria and i find it to be quite fun to play with friends


Is it worth $11 CAD? Hmmm… I will admit I’m intrigued…


There’s a ton of content, and every update has been free (which has more than doubled the already-inpressive amount of content that was available at release). It’s definitely worth your looney :wink:


Most certainly. I’d value it around $25 given its content. Hell, the mechanical wiring system is so in-depth you can build a working binary to decimal converter in game, not to mention a basic computer.


funny. I just use the wirings with statues (hearts and stars) for boss farming xD never done anything like that!


ZOMG! Now you’re talking about me losing more time in my day trying to do shiznit like that…


I pulled the trigger this morning. With The Escapists on sale, it’s bundle price of $10.01 just made that $10.99 of Terraria a whole lot nicer - gaming balance meant spending an even $20.