TESO4PS4 has arrived



Finally got TESO downloaded last night. Just linked my account (most painless experience ever) and launched the game.

First impression is that the game doesn’t look all that bad. I’m running around Daggerfall right now and have noticed a couple of graphical stutters/hitches. But so far I like moving around with the gamepad.

One complaint is that the UI is huge and I can’t find a way to resize it. I don’t think this was meant for a 24" monitor placed 2 feet away from me. I guess I prefer having more visible game area.

I’ve whacked a few things outside town but later I will try some actual combat. Maybe I’ll try streaming a dungeon if anyone’s interested in watching (and if there are enough players high enough level).

So uh... /r/ESObuilds is ours?

I noticed their Facebook page told people that there can be difficulties logging in, and if you get in a que, not to jump out. Sounds like the consoles are having the same initial issues that the PC had from the large populations.


Eso is also 30fps on consoles…

Add me! Couzintony


I’m wanting to pick this up, but have too many games to play as it is. Maybe in a month or so.


Is there a strats league guild thingy on Eso/PS4?..
If I remember right someone said @teh_ninjaneer was gonna be doing it…


There is no official Strats guild yet. I haven’t spent much time in the game so far and I’m uncertain on my level of commitment.


Well I made one for my friends and online buddies… If anyone wants to join they are more then welcome.


Me me I’m a 12 sorc on AD and a 7 arcane archer on DC.


I’ve been playing on ps4 for a little. Currently a lvl 9 nightblade on EP. I would re roll though if people are playing something else. Also add my I’m Rellek330 on PS4