Testimonials for new Strats site

Has being part of Strats touched you in a non-creepy way? Leave a testimonial here and if it’s not a jokey thing it will go on the new homepage.

Strats is a great place to meet and get to know like minded people who love video games…I look forward to more fun and adventure in the future!


You never have to game alone, there is always someone in Strats that has your back.

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It’s dangerous to go alone! Join Strats, and take some friends. - or something like that… LOL

What I really want are testimonials I guess.

Stats is a community of like minded gamers. We don’t just make up one guild or clan, we make a culture that spans across games.

Stats members play the games that the community wants. Start posting and create a movement.

@zive9 once gave the greatest testimonial:

Came for the game, stayed for the people.


Community run, Inviting and truly a hub for taking online gaming socialization to the next level. These qualities are what have made me check Strats.co more than i do Facebook!

It is the gaming community!

PS: The stats on Strats.co are now actual numbers.



“I was once addicted to meth, now I am addicted to Strats!”


Not really a testimonial, but:

“I joined Strats for the t-shirt.”

I fail for not having ordered one of those earlier, btw.


Oh yeah, Strats touched me alright, without that violated feeling;). I have the kind of friends my wife and I love, the kind don’t stop by the house. Gaming with people that have respect for others, is icing on the cake.